This magazine featured a 2-page spread advertisement "teaser" for the up and coming motion picture "Shock Treatment."  I have purchased the two pages from a seller, instead of the entire magazine (which the seller did not have).  On the backside of one of these two pages, there is a magazine identification which reads "18 Almanac."  On the other side, the page number reads "41" (which means the 2 page spread fell on pages 42 and 43).  At first I thought the magazine was called "Almanac" and the "18" referred to an issue number.  Now, in reflection, I think the magazine was called "18 Almanac" - as in a guide to 18 year olds just out of high school.  (There is an article on the page side of the Shock Treatment ad on tips for find the correct college).
    The date of the issue seems to be BEFORE the release of the movie, because it doesn't use the standard image or logo for Shock Treatment (Cosmo's face or font).  Most likely, the traditional Shock Treatment font (logo) and image (Cosmo's face) had not been developed yet -- which makes this particular advertisement / magazine more rare and valuable.
    NOTE: Previously, I posted on my site this spread was in "Omni" magazine as it was told to me that way, but that information is obviously wrong.  Please disregard any past "Omni" references.

Here is a small scan of the 2 page spread.  Click on the image for a slightly larger view of it.  Click HERE for an even larger view.  (Note: I couldn't get entire spread on one scan, so I scanned in two sections and placed them together, so alignment might be off slightly).