(USA Release, September 5, 2006)

When you insert the DVD, the menu starts...this is basically what you see:

(The Denton billboard moves in closer to his followed dby Janet bursting through the doors.  This is all done as several clips from the film connected together as one...)

If you chose the "Scene Selection" option, this is what you see...

The point of view pulls away, to review several tv sets)
(Notice that the animated smoke is not coming from Farley's cigarette, but from his lap)
(all 8 television sets showcase a clip from the film --vs just pics-- but only the center 4 sets are links to that specific scene)

Go back to main menu, and chose language selection.  This is what you'll get...

(Dolby and Dolby 5.1 --not much a difference there)
(Spanish Mono --interesting to hear.  Some subtitles appear during this language track.  Most intriging: this language leaves out the wardrobe lady's "Whoops!" at the start of film, and also, the "prizes" during Bitchin' In The Kitchen are said in spanish.  All songs are in English.)
Audio Commentary - non-stop, for the most part.  Great job.  However, on/off option not available on this page, but this option (Commentary) does present on/off options in Special Features section.

Head back to the main menu for a click on Special Features.

When you click on Special features, the "tv" shows Farley's comercial --sped up super fast-- ending on a close up of the side of the star symble from the ad.

And now...here's what you see for each special feature...

International Trailer

Okay, here's the story for those who wanna know...

Theatrical Trailer

(And of course, we have the story behind this one too)

DTV Presents: A Shockumentary

Basically, a long featurette with lots of info about how Shock Treatment came to be, with lots of rare photos and several interviews with cast and crew.  Here's some images...

And finally...

Let's Rock And Roll: Shock Treatment's Super Score

Another featurette, focusing on the music of Shock Treatment.  Here are some images from it...