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Marc With A C recorded several Shock Treatment covers and provided them to the internet public.  Recently, he asked if The Shock Treatment Network would be the host for his songs.  As a fan of these songs (as well as his other work), I happily agreed.  Feel free to play or save any of these songs.  If you enjoy them, drop him an email at --he'd love to hear from ya!

New Marc With A C Song: "FARLEY'S SONG"

Artist: Marc With A C
Running Time: 3:04
Size: 4.22 MB



Artist: Marc With A C
Video Edit: Donny O'Bryan

To see it, click HERE


"Hi, I'm Marc. I recorded these myself. I played and sang everything you hear. I did all of the lyrics from memory (usually in one take) so I flubbed a lot of lyrics. I recorded it all almost exclusively on a 4-track in February 2004. I added "Thank God I'm A Man" to this special theshocktreatmentnetwork re-release, which was recorded in October 2005. I don't have any intention of doing other ST songs, but that could change at any time. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. If you'd like to hear my original stuff, head over to because that's where I live. Or find me at as I'm a nice performer that wants to be your friend. Or something. Anyhow anyhow, I've got a cold and should really go back to bed. If you enjoy the recordings, say something, and I hope you are all okay. Good night!

Love On Ya,

Love On Ya,












Current NEWS From Marc With A C:

(Dated 4-11-06)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Stardust Coffee + Video, Winter Park, Florida
9 pm SHARP| all ages | no income required
Opening for Mumpsy, Pharmacy and Fake Problems
(Marc With a C opens the night with a short set. Don't be late or you'll miss it!)

Well, technically, it's a podcast. Go to to download my 3/25/06 show. It's a really good one. This show is the first of a series that will bring you some of the best shows that come through Orlando. Some will be local acts, some will be national, but all will be awesome. Soon this series will also bring you Unicornicopia, Strange Luck, Bucket Of Nails and more!

I'm co-hosting a new podcast that goes by the name "The Zanzibar Lounge" along with Ryan Price (and sometimes my lovely girlfriend Nicole Prezioso drops by as well). Please go listen to our inaugural episode. The topics include: "The Star Wars Holiday Special", jazz records played on the wrong speed, computers with feelings, mixing alcohol and painkillers, a song from The Glowy Stickers as well as live Marc WIth a C performances of "Hot Topic Kids" and "The Brady Bunch". It's just as nerdy as it sounds, but devastatingly entertaining. Go get it at !

a) There is a new blog entry mostly about the making of my "Human Slushy" album at that you're sure to enjoy. You can also get a peek at whats on my iTunes, and c'mon... that's what you really care about.

b) You can always find me at where you can hear exclusive unreleased live material, read exclusive news and blog entries from yours truly... and hell, you can just plain be my friend. Wheee!

c) You can buy all of my records at and and really, why wouldn't you? They're pretty good!

I believe that'll do it for this week. Hope to see you all soon!

Love on ya,
Marc With a C

Previous NEWS From Marc With A C:

(Dated 3-23-06)

Hi. I'm dropping you all this line to let you know about two things:

1. I'm playing a show on Saturday night. I really want you to go. We're recording the show for future usage on a special free podcast. Here's the specs:
Marc with a C
with opening act: Strange Luck (featuring ex-Struggleburger alumni)
doors @ 9 PM, all ages, free!
(please get there as close to 9 PM as you can, we'll start the music as soon as all of the recording equipment is set up and ready! should you need directions to Stardust, feel free to email me and i'll give you the scoop)

2. There's a new journal entry up at Go check it out! Go sheba go! Woof woof!

Love on ya,

(Dated 2-21-06)

Wow. Have I got some news for you! There's lots of new shows on the horizon, and I want you to come to them. Otherwise I'd just stay home and watch the Star Wars Holiday Special again. Here's what's coming:

1. FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd @ Wills Pub SOUTH:
Marc With a C opening for: Astronautilus, Dear Glorious Physician and Rahim.
9 PM, $6, 18 and up.
(wills pub south is at 5825 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809)

2. MONDAY, MARCH 6th @ Wills Pub MILLS:
Marc With a C opening for: Willy Porter
8 PM, $5, 18 and up
(wills pub mills is at 1850 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803)
There are more shows coming, but I don't want to spoil it all now. One of them is being recorded for a future podcast, and it's gonna be a good one. I'll tell you about it after those shows have passed. There's some info about it at as we speak.

Go hear some live songs from the holiday bash at

Please buy my records. If you don't, I can't make new ones. You can do so at either of the above mentioned websites.

I'm so excited for the future. Be excited with me!

Love on ya,

(Dated 3-3-06)

Hi everyone. Marc (with a "C") here. I'm doing a show tonight, and I really want you to come. Actually, I'm playing tonight *AND* Monday night. These are gonna be good ones with fun lineups and everything. You seriously should go. I'll have records for sale, and besides... I finally got some sleep since the video shoot!

Friday, March 3, 2006
Will's Pub SOUTH, Orlando, Florida
9 pm | 18+ | six dollars performing with Astronautalis, Dear and Glorious Physician and Rahim
(5825 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809-4233, US. Mapquest these directions to make sure you are going to the right venue. I open the show.)

Monday, March 6, 2006
Will's Pub, Orlando, Florida
8 pm | 18+ | five dollars
performing with Willy Porter
(1850 N. Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803-1854, Mapquest the directions! I open the show.)

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Stardust Coffee + Video, Winter Park, Florida
10 pm | all ages | ridiculously free (gas not included)
performing with Strange Luck

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Stardust Coffee + Video, Winter Park, Florida
10 pm | all ages | no income required
performing with Mumpsy, Pharmacy, Fake Problems and more TBA

And wait, did I say something about a video shoot? Yes, I did. There's a video in the works for "Til You Come Home To Me". Hopefully we'll be able to show it to you by the summer. I've also been doing some work on a new record... coming soon!
Go and visit these fine web resources: (lots of info, downloadable goodies and places to buy my albums!) (with streaming live songs!) (containing my video for "Duel Duet" and a free EP!)

Alright, that should do for now. Please come out to the shows if you can. Hope to see you all soon!

(Dated 1-25-06)

Howdy folks. Hope you're up for a Marc With A C update, as I have a lot of stuff to report.

1. There's a new show coming up. I'll only tell you what can be confirmed so far:

SATURDAY, MARCH 25th @ Stardust, Winter Park FL
Marc With a C/Special guest
8 PM/All Ages/Free/Fun!

2. There is *a lot* bubbling in the "Shock Treatment" EP department. Some news I can tell you and some I cannot divulge. Here are the two bits you can take solace in for now:
a). My first video ever is online. Yes, the first official Marc With a C video... and in my normal fashion of confusing the hell out of you, I not only don't appear in the video, but it stars actor Cliff DeYoung. How? Well... the video is for the song "Duel Duet" which an altrusitic benfactor known as Donny O'Bryan synced up to the original movie! Complicated? You won't be after you watch it.
b). I did a lengthy interview about the "Shock Treatment" project for the website that is hosting the video as well as the EP for free download. You really need to go to, click on the "What's New" button and get your Marc on.

3. Oh, and I did two podcasts! You can hear them (episodes 4/5) at One of the episodes has me premiering a new song called "Diane Works For Ozzy"... so go get it while the internet is still at the height of fashion. Besides, Emily & Ryan are fun hosts that are oodles of goodtimin'.

4. There'll be an update to as soon as we can. Technical difficulties including an internetless webmaster tend to slow that type of thing down. However, when it's updated there'll be a brand new journal entry there. Maybe even *another* new show to tell you all of you young lovers about for February? We'll see, but only if you eat your meat. Otherwise, no pudding for you.

5. The new Robert Pollard album is amazing. So is Curt Kirkwood's first solo album that just came out called "Snow". You might remember him as the leader of The Meat Puppets? Yeah, this is about 98% as good as "Up On The Sun" and "Meat Puppets II"... and you know those are heavy words. Check it out.

6. You guys are the bestest. See you ever so soon!

Love on ya,

(Dated 11-19-05)

Hi everyone!

I have some pretty major news for you.

12/30/05 @ Austin Coffee And Film, 8 PM (All ages/Free)
Bucket Of Nails
Marc With A C

Bhren is flying in from Washington to do this show, so it'd be in your best interest to get there EARLY.

This show is my only public 'request show' all year. Here's how you can get your requests in!

Go to: and vote for the songs you most want to hear. The site will only let you vote ONE time, so make it good. I'll likely play the top 10 requests... and looking at the results so far gives me the impression that you all hate my new album. I'm just sayin'.

The venue is at:
Austin Coffee & Film

929 W.Fairbanks Ave.

Winter Park, FL 32789

2. There is a brand new journal entry at It's lots of fun.

3. I don't have any news to rival the above. Have a good week/weekend/thanksgiving!

Love on ya,


(Dated 11-9-05)

Hi there. Hope everyone is well.

There's good stuff to report in this newsletter:
1. My entire "Shock Treatment" EP is available for free download once again. You can go grab it at with the new bonus track "Thank God I'm A Man"! Thanks to Donny for helping us with this.

2. There's a special edition of my annual holiday bash in the works. Special guests that you can't even imagine and the like. As you are probably aware, these holiday shows can get a bit crazy in the requests department, so if you've got one that you're particularly antsy about, feel free to email me about the song in advance and I'll see what we can get done about it. More details soon.

3. So, as you've probably heard, all of my albums are back in print and can be ordered securely online at and
Now, the albums have been selling all right so far. But, the holiday season is approaching and we all want more bang for our buck, right? So, here's the deal... starting Monday, November 14th 2005 until Christmas Day, we'll throw in a free mix CD with the order of two or more of my albums. C'mon, you can't beat it.

4. Don't forget, you can also buy these albums in Orlando at Park Avenue CD's. Just ask and they'll show you the way.

5. Anyone remember my old cohort Matt Rohr (aka PunkMatt)? I miss him. If you see him, say hello.

See you all soon!

Love on ya,

(Dated 10-23-05)

Hi everyone. Marc here.

Got some news for you. After this, I'll leave you alone for awhile as I'm taking a break for a few weeks.

1. All of my albums are back in print. You can now order them securely via paypal through the following websites:

2. Yes, even the "Shock Treatment" EP is back online for free download. It's at thanks to Donny O'Bryan. The good news about it? It's now got an extra track... the infamous "Thank God I'm A Man".

3. I'm playing at Universal Citywalk opening for the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on October 31st. The show starts at 10 PM. I'm playing a short set, so don't be late. Tickets are dwindling so you'll want to pre-order them at and believe me, THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT.

4. There's lotsa new stuff at so go and see it before it becomes yesterdays loaf.

5. There's a hurricane coming, if you haven't noticed. I'm gonna go hunker down or something.