"Making Dreams Come True"

    The nurse walked closer and closer to Ralph, who had no idea that the nurse was actually Linda, a woman who had threatened to kill him for treating women so poorly.  He had no idea that in her hands she held a syringe, full of poison.
    Ralph said, "Do your worst..."
    "Oh I plan on it," she said, lowering the needle's tip towards his exposed butt.
    Ralph heard her voice and instantly remember it.  The voice sent shivers up his arms, causing his arm hairs to stand on in.
    Quickly, he turned his head and saw Linda there with the poisonous needle.
    "NO!!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, and quickly fell off the bed to avoid the needle.  The needle ended up inside the matress where he had laid.
    "Damn you!" Linda shouted, pulling it out of the matress and walking around to the floor on the other side of the bed - where Ralph lay.
    Ralph looked up at her, and said, "Please don't.  I beg you!  Please! NO!!!"
    Linda smiled and walked closer to him.
    He screamed on the top of his lungs: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

    "NOOO!!!" Richard O'Brien shouted, sitting up in his bed.
    Beads of sweat dripped off his forehead.  He had been dreaming.  More like a nightmare, towards the end.
    Wow, Richard O'Brien thought to himself, What a dream that was!
    He looked over at his bedside and saw his alarm clock.  It read 7:16 in the morning.
    Richard took a deep breath and tried to relax, allowing his heart beat to return to normal.
    His mind recalled all the details of his dream that he had just awakened from.  He didn't want to forget a single detail.
    A minute later, he picked up the telephone and dialed a number.  After a few rings, a man picked up the phone on the other end.  "Hello?" the man asked.
    "Hey, it's me, Richard."
    "Richard, do you have any idea what time it is?"
    Richard O'Brien interrupted him, saying, "I don't care.  Please, tell me! What year is this?"
    "Are you out of your mind?" the man asked.
    "What year is it?" Richard repeated.
    The man answered, "It's 1971.  Why?"
    1971, Richard thought to himself, It's still 1971.  My god! The dream!  It was all a dream!!
    The man repeated himself, "Richard, what is going on?  Why did you call?"
    Richard expalined, "Listen, I just had the weirdest dream - possibly from all the drugs you and I did last night."
    "Great," the guy said, "Tell me about later today."
    "No!" Richard said, "You have to hear about it!  It's gonna make me a lot of money!  I'll write it all down as a play.  Or maybe a book!  Who knows!  Maybe a movie one day!"
    The man on the other end gave in, and said, "Fine.  Tell me about your dream."
    Richard said, "It happened in the future.  The year was 1975, and it was raining.  This guy and girl, Brad and Janet, found themselves at this castle inhabitted by transvestites from another planet."
    "What?" the man said, "That is a fucked up dream."
    Richard said, "The mind was fried.  Anyway, in my dream, people were having sex with each other, and then Janet became pregnant and gave the baby up.  Then she went to the alien's planet and helped blow it up."
    "Sounds interesting," the man yawned, uninterested.
    "And then later on, through the years, their lives were full of turmoil.  Oh the details are so fresh in my mind!"
    "Great," the man said, "Write them down."
    Richard added, "But there's too much information.  I'll have to break it up into a trilogy."
    "That's rediculous," the man said, "whoever heard of a trilogy? Especially if you plan on making successful movies.  There's no such thing as a trilogy of movies and believe me when I tell you it will never happen."
    Trust me, Richard O'Brien thought, I'm gonna write all this down, and it's gonna make me some money!

THE END!!!!!!!!


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