Donny O'Bryan, creater of The Shock Treatment Network

Born: August 5, 1964 in Kansas City, KS (USA)
Currently living in: Kansas City, MO (USA)
Talents: Art, Writing, Collecting Music, and quick wit (for those who know me)

Color: Baby Blue
TV show: Will and Grace, One Life To Live (tie)
Movies: Shock Treatment, Rocky Horror, Moulin Rouge, Matrix, Secret Of NIMH, Blair Witch Project, and 6th Sense.
Singer: Madonna (1st), Enigma (2nd)
Actor: Keanu Reeves, Ewin McGreggor (tie)
Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Other areas of interest: The movie industry, dance club music.


    As a child, I was the school nerd, with no friends, and no personality.  Thanks to Rocky Horror, that changed.  As of now, a few months before the millenium change, I am 35 years old and Rocky Horror has shaped my entire personality.  I saw the film for the first time in '82 (with the exception of a small glimpse on a movie screen in '75), and now, 17 years later, 1999, I am still involved.  I've even appeared on the front page of the Kansas City Star, dressed in Brad floorshow attire (click HERE).
    I formed the Kansas City fan club in '82 which still exists today.  For complete information on my fan club history, click HERE.
    Over the years, I've found a brand new fondness for Shock Treatment.  It's become my new "baby", the same feeling I had 17 years ago when I started the Kansas City fan club for Rocky Horror.  I'm a little obsessed with it, and want to make it grow.
    I saw Shock Treatment for the first time on the big scren shortly after starting the fan club in '82.  In my life, I've seen it in four different theaters.  Most recently, I had it play last year ('98) at our theater that shows Rocky Horror, and we set the world record: 9 consecutive weekends of Shock Treatment (click HERE for ticket sales during those 9 weeks) (click HERE for a review of that first weekend of the 9 week run).   Although it's lying dormant right now, it will return one day, better than ever.  As usual, it will make some new friends and plenty of enemies.  For Shock Treatment's history in my home town, Kansas City, click HERE.

    I've always wanted to share my work with others, sort of "spread the love", ya know.  The internet was a great way to do it.
A couple years ago, our fan club made a website called simply "The Regular Frankie Fan Club" which was just a couple pages on our club, and how to get to our theater.  Pretty simple, but a great effort.  (It's still up, run by Chris. Thanks Chris!)  Hell, I wasn't going to complain: I knew nothing about computers other than how to type.  So I was/am very proud.
    Then another fan club member told me that he was making a more "expanded" version of that site, using the same name.  However, they wanted ME to help them with ideas.  Well, first of all, I still knew nothing about computers, much less make a website.  So I told them they shouldn't make a fan club site, but instead make a Rocky Horror site, loaded with information.  (My favorite RHPS info site has been and still is the Rocky Horror FAQ site that Jason Allan Pfaff started! That address is http://www.nominex.com/faq
    While I'm on the subject of RHPS info sites, I must clarify that I do not have any hatred for Cosmo's site.  It has grown to be something he should be very proud of.  Some fans know about problems between him and his site, versus the Rocky Horrror Network, where I contributed most of the articles.  However, I will take this opportunity to clarify that I do not dislike his site.  My only problem was, and still is, sites that feel threatened by other sites being around.  Trust me, I know what it's like to have a huge centerstage and spotlight, and then feel the prescence of competition.  You worry, and become upset.  I understand completely (as you will soon find out in the paragraphs below).  It's part of life.  But what matters is how you deal with it.  I'm a mature adult, and have moved on - wishing him success.  I hope he feels the same about me.  Enough said on that, I think.  Back to our new RHPS website...
    Thus our new RHPS information site began.  And boy did it grow.  Although, I must admit, I did most of the writing and compiling of information (and someone else "put it on" the site).  I noticed the URL address for our site was rockyhorror.net and so I suggested to call it the Rocky Horror Network (you know: dot net).  It stuck, and is still used today.
    During this growing stage, I arranged our 9-week run of Shock Treatment at our theater.  This caused me to have some enemies: there were RHPS fans who were mad at me for keeping it so long (I have a strong connection to the theater), and blamed me for their "uncomfortableness" during that period.  They insult me (still do) and insult Shock Treatment.
    Wouldn't you know it.  The "editor" of the Rocky Horror Network (The one who added my articles and stuff) quit.  He didn't have time for it.  Guess who took over the site: the few guys who hate me and shock treatment.  They started putting personal jabs and insults to me and Shock Treatment onto what I had considered a very good and growing site.  I asked them to stop, and they didn't.  (As a matter of fact, they haven't done MUCH with the site since they took over).
    So I decided no longer to contribute to that site.  I stopped last January, 1999.  Over the past 6 months, I have studied and studied books on how to build a website, and even had a tutor come over.  Hell, I can even write in HTML language if I need to (however, I find netscape composer much easier).
    And so I end up making my OWN website.  But my focus now is Shock Treatment.  Why? Mostly because I love that movie right now, and quite possibly even more than Rocky.  I'm sure there is a small part of me that is doing it to piss off those idiots that like to intimidate me from the last site.
    And now I have total control.  I can do what I want.  And with the exception of this page, there will be nothing negative on it from me.  This website allows me to be as creative as I want.  Hell, I'm even going to be able to post more of my writings and parodies.
    But don't worry, there's still going to be Rocky Horror stuff on it - just in it's own section, hidden off in the corner.
    Well, that's about it.  I hope you enjoy the site.  Enjoy!

I would like to give some thanks: To Badbird for keeping my spirits high about Shock Treatment when others were trying knock me down.  To the few fan club members who supported our theater showing Shock Treatment, as well as attending rehearsals for shoutlines.  To the actors who acted out the film.  To Midnight Madness of Chicago, for their acting contribution on opening weekend of our 9-week run.  And finally, to Ruth FinkWinter, for her loyalty to me, and praises, which kept me going.  Thank you all!