Actor Tribute

Each month, we'll have a special tribute to one specific actor or actress from Shock Treatment.  This month's tribute is.....


(Bit Guitarist)

This "George Michael" lookalike in Shock Treatment still does films today.  However, mostly he just loans his voice to animated movies.  The following two pictures are recent.  The first is his agency publicity photo.  The second photo shows him voicing an animated motion picture in the recording studio.
Gary was born in Chiswick, London and, after training at LAMDA, made his West End debut in Jesus Christ Superstar at the age of eighteen. Other West End credits include Rocky in the "The Rocky Horror Show", Pharaoh in "Joseph and his amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat", the voice of the man-eating plant Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors", Cliff Richard's standby in "Time", Munkustrap in "Cats", the Bishop in "Hunting of the Snark", Captain Shultz in "Miss Saigon" and his critically acclaimed portrayal of Vince Fontaine in "Grease".

Gary's work on television includes "The Kenny Everett Series", "The Comic Strip", Lorni Snoop in "The Ink Thief" series, 'Slomo' in Gerry Anderson's "Space Precinct" series and guest lead "Epideme" in "Red Dwarf VII" and 'Cinnabar' in "The Magician's House" series.

His films include "Shock Treatment", "Slaughter High", "Suspect", 'Rambo' in "Whoops! Apocalypse" and "Living Doll" in which he co-starred.

Gary provides leading voices for 'hundreds' of animated cartoons, including "The Dreamstone" (4 series), "Dennis the Menace" (3 series), "Bimble's Bucket" (3 series), "Dawdle the Donkey" (4 series), "Molly's Gang" (2 series), "The Snow Queen" (2 features), "The Legends of Treasure Island", "The Slow Norris" (5 series), "Enigma" (2 series), "The Beano", "Wizbit" (2 series), "The Wind in the Willows Collection" (2 features), the award winning "The Story of Jesus" series (all voices), "The Ugly Duckling" (feature), "Ozmo" (2 series) , Dog & Duck (65eps) and "Captain Star" (series).

Gary also provided the feature film voices of Mr Rock Chewer and Rock Chewer Jnr. for "The Neverending Story III", Colossus and Monstro for "The Adventures of Pinocchio" and Mac and Guana for "Fern Gully II The Magical Rescue" (recorded in L.A.).

For the Radio 1 FM series "The Amazing Spider-man" he was the voice of "The Thing" (50eps) and the title role in "Judge Dredd" (80eps) also heard on Radio 1 FM, for which he was given 'The Talkie Award 1995'. He has recently finished the third series of the Radio II comedy 'Love 40 New Balls Please!' as Nigel Cattermole.

On the music side of things, Gary can be heard on the 'Queen' album, "Made in Heaven" and on their single "Let me live".  He has recently completed recording the 'Giant' in the new feature film of "Jack and the Beanstalk", "The Baskervilles"...over 100 voices! (26 episodes), "Alien Dog's" (26eps). He is currently recording "The Magic Key" and soon to start the award - winning "The Tool Street Gang" and 2 new series of "Dog and Duck" (130eps), then later this year Captain Black in Gerry Anderson's new 'Captain Scarlet and the Return of the Mysterons'.

Gary continues to do many voice-overs for television, radio and film.... and the 'Honey Monster'!


The Dreamstone - Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares and Narrator - 4 series (Central)
Judge Dredd
The Never-ending Story III - Mr. Rock Chewer, Junior Rock Chewer and creatures (Warner Bros.) - Feature Film
Judge Dredd - Judge Dredd (Radio 1 FM 80 episodes)
Won "The Talkie" award for Best Production 1995
The Beano Videos - Plug, Fatty, Gnasher, Rasher and Gnipper (Polygram)
Molly's Gang - Hubble, Homer and Duster - Stop Motion - 2 series (Martin Gates Productions for the ITV network)
Red Dwarf VII - Voice of Epideme (Guest Lead) New Series (BBC)
The Legends of Treasure Island - The Merman Prince (Central)
Wizbit - Squidgy Bog (2 series)
The Amazing Spiderman - The Thing, Ben Grimm, Dread Dormammu (Radio 1 FM 50 episodes)
The Adventures of Pinocchio - Colossus, Monstro and others - Feature film (Polygram)
The Story of Jesus - All voices (Channel 4)
The Wind in the Willows Collection - Otter and various voices (Martin Gates) - 1 hour specials
The Beano Video's
Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct - Voice of Slomo, together with many other characters 25 1 hour episodes (Mentorn)
The Snow Queen I and II - Dimly and others (Martin Gates) - Special features
Dennis the Menace - Pie-Face and others - 3 series (Tony Collingwood - BBC)
Bimble's Bucket - Sploot and others - 3 series (Martin Gates - Central TV)
The Slow Norris - Walter and Ben - 4 series (HTV)
The Baskervilles - 10 leading voices (Carlton)
Enigma - Faust, Pinky and many others - 2 series
Captain Star - Leading Voices (New Series - HTV)
The Ugly Duckling - Voices of The Four Winds (Martin Gates)
Dog n Duck - Piano 65ep (HTV)
Fern Gully II - Mac and Guanna (Wild Brain-CBS) (See pic right)
Jack and The Beanstalk - Giant (MPG)
Fern Gully II

Feature Film trailers include -

The 13th Warrior, Stargate SG1, The Devils Advocate, The Specialist, Interview with the Vampire, Maverick, The X-Files, The Mask, Batman Forever, Dangerous Minds, Get Shorty, Beavis and Butthead, Mouse Hunt, Amistad, A Smile Like Yours, Event Horizon, Small Soldiers.

Commercials Include -

Sega Saturn, Sugar Puffs, Blockbuster Video, Red Stripe, Aquafresh, Heineken, Aero, Reebok, Fruitella, Outspan, Bacardi Gold, Ski Yogurt, McDonalds, Munch Bunch, Kellogs, Jacobs Club, Honey Monster.

"Little Shop of Horrors" - Voice of Audrey II, Man-eating plant - Comedy Theatre, West End.