Birthplace / date of birth are unknown.  Part of the team that helped their boss, Farley, brainwash an entire studio audience.  Dates a man, named Ricky, from the "Rest Home."  Seems to enjoy her job.  Loves being photographed, particularly by her boyfriend Ricky, while she wears a corset.  While she may appear to some as an airhead, she is in fact quite smart, offering useful suggestions (i.e. "Sign the contract tomorrow...that way you get the first day free!)  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After brainwashing an entire studio audience, Ansalong and her group fled Denton (she was unsure, though, the reason why) and traveled the country.  Shortly into the journey, Ansalong and Ricky left the group and moved to Las Vegas where they got married.  A year or two later, they separated after she claimed he "drank and beat her on a regular basis."  Leaving her husband behind, she moved to New York where she entered the adult film business as a porn star.  She saved the money earned from that job until she had enough to start her own restaraunt / club where the rich and famous patronize still today.  She seems to be quite comfortable and quite rich.
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