All Audience Participation (AP) call-backs and responses featured in this AP script on The Shock Treatment Network website have been compiled by various sources on the internet, email, and in person.  Feel free to use this as a AP guideline.  Please submit any additional lines.  Note: by willingly providing us with AP responses, you are granting us permission to post them on this website.  The purpose of this "ultimate" AP script is to accumulate EVERY POSSIBLE line that we could come up with.  In time, it will grow and grow and grow.  You have our permission to copy, download and/or use any portion of this AP script.  Please give credit where credit is due by mentioning the source (that's us) or perhaps a link (that would be nice, too).  Thanks!


Donny O'Bryan, founder of the Kansas City fan club, would like to thank the following people for their help in this script. They have offered many lines and dedications. To the Regular Frankie Fan Club in Kansas City for their efforts in making this a success. To Jeff, and the Midnight Madness fan club, for presenting the first audience participation script on the internet. To Chuck, for his many funny lines, and good memory. To Ruth Finkwinter, jrblevin@edcen.ehhs.cmich, and the Quad Princess for their lines, found at random on the internet. To several Kansas City fans who attended regularly the Shock Treatment meetings, coming up with line after line. They include Josh, Nate, Joy, Chris, Bryan, Shannon, John, J.C., Jessica, Jeff, Gaylin, B.J., Gregg, Dan, Steve, Chris, Lauren, Matt, Jamie, Cyndi, Todd, and others who I am having trouble remembering (I'll add them as I remember them or when they yell at me for forgetting). Without all of you, this AP script (as well as the success of the lines) would not be possible. May Shock Treatment be (one day) as successful as Rocky Horror is, and may it live forever!