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These people of Denton apparently have no life.  They wait anxiously outside the studio to be let in, and when the door opens, they race to their seats.  They are totally addicted to television, as their eyes seldom leave the programs.  The chairs must be the most comfortable chairs ever because they spend nearly 48 hours in those seats.  They have to have help when it comes to spelling, although they don't seem to speak up well when they do.  They love the idea of getting free hats and jackets.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Just before Brad and Janet and the gang fled Denton's TV studio, the audience was escorted to the Dentonvale hallways, where they put on straight jackets.  Once secured in the halls, they sang the chorus to "Denton USA."  One week later, police stormed the studio and found the audience still trapped in the hallway, singing.  They were no longer singing "Denton USA."  This time, one of the audience members was leading them through "Ten Thousand Bottles Of Beer On The Wall."  They were at 658 bottles.  Afterwards,.they were locked up in a nearby insane ward and they remain there today.
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