NEWLY ADDED (September 2006):
Barry Humphries "I Got You Babe", click HERE
2 Cliff DeYoung Songs, click HERE
"Shock Treatment" Don Mike Remix, click HERE
Transexually Transformed RHPS song, click HERE
Breaking Out Filtered Karaoke Instrumental, click HERE

This is where you can play MP3s of songs from Shock Treatment and Shock Treatment-related audio (not including Rocky Horror).  Because we want you to go to a store and actually BUY the soundtrack, we only include "sample clips" for most of those songs.  All clips are mp3s, at 56 kbps.

Just click on the audio you want to hear.  While the soundtrack is available, it is hard to find.  Most stores don't carry it.  Whenever possible, I encourage you to obtain the actual recordings.  Below are mp3s of the songs from the soundtrack (and variations of them, including remixes and karaoke), Celebrity InterviewsRichard O'Brien songs, Nell Campbell songs, Jessica Harper songs, Cliff DeYoung songs, Sinitta Renet songs, Gary Martin songs, and Barry Humphries songs as Dame Edna.  Also included is a miscellaneous section, which features Shock Treatment cover bands, such as Transexual Glamour and Transexually Transformed.  Depending on your modem connection, some mp3s may download slow to your computer.  Cable modem will download fast, and so does DSL modems.  However, phone lines tend to be reeaaal slow.  Good luck. (NOTE: Due to storage limitations, I have saved this mp3s at 56 kbps bitrate, even though the source was better quality).

MOVIE SOUNDTRACK (and variations)

Overture -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Overture -- (Overrated Mix)
Overture 2000 -- (Remix) (sample clip)
Denton USA --  (sample clip)
Denton USA -- (followed by commercial)
Denton USA -- (without commercial)
Denton USA -- (Full Of Beauty Mix)
Denton USA -- (Karaoke)
Macy's Commercial -- (from Soundtrack)
Bitchin' In The Kitchen -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Bitchin' In The Kitchen -- (Film Version)
Bitchin' In The Kitchen -- (Betty Crocker Mix)
Bitchin' In The Kitchen -- (Karaoke)
In My Own Way -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
In My Own Way -- (I Did It My Way Mix)
In My Own Way -- (Karaoke)
Thank God I'm A Man -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Thank God I'm A Man -- (Film version studio edit)
Thank God I'm A Man -- (mix)
Thank God I'm A Man -- (Karaoke)
Farley's Song -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Farley's Song -- (mix)
Farley's Song -- (Karaoke)
Lullaby -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Lullaby -- (mix)
Lullaby -- (Karaoke)
Little Black Dress -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Little Black Dress -- (mix)
Little Black Dress -- (Karaoke)
Me Of Me -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Me Of Me -- (Split Personality Mix)
Me Of Me -- (Karaoke)
Shock Treatment -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Shock Treatment -- (solo by Richard O'Brien from 7" & 12" singles) (sample clip)
Shock Treatment -- (Don Mike Remix) (FULL version)
Shock Treatment -- (mix)
Shock Treatment -- (Karaoke)
Carte Blanche -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Carte Blanche -- (Polly Wanna Cracker Mix)
Carte Blanche -- (Karaoke)
Looking For Trade -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Looking For Trade -- (Nookin' Por Dub In Ah Da Wite Paces Mix)
Looking For Trade -- (Karaoke)
Look What I Did To My Id -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Look What I Did To My Id -- (Fat Albert Remix)
Look What I Did To My Id -- (Karaoke)
Breaking Out -- (sample clip)
Breaking Out -- (Followed by Duel Duet Introduction)
Breaking Out -- (without Duel Duet Introduction)
Breaking Out -- (mix)
Breaking Out -- (Karaoke) (FULL Version)
Introduction to Duel Duet (from Soundtrack)
Duel Duet -- (sample clip)
Duel Duet -- (with introduction)
Duel Duet -- (without introduction)
Duel Duet -- (mix)
Duel Duet -- (Karaoke)
Anyhow, Anyhow -- (Soundtrack version) (sample clip)
Anyhow, Anyhow -- (mix)
Anyhow, Anyhow -- (Karaoke)
Shock Treatment Medley (sample clip)
Shock Treatment Medley -- (Karaoke)


Wendy Raebeck Interview (Clip 1) - Discussing filming Macy's comercial
Wendy Raebeck Interview (Clip 2) - Discussing another movie she was in
Wendy Raebeck Interview (Clip 3) - Discussing the opening scene of ST
Wendy Raebeck Interview (Clip 4) - Discussing the song Lullaby
Richard O'Brien Interview - Discussing the development of ST (Full ST Section of Interview)


Angel In Me (Album Version) (sample clip)



Nora's Room (Album Version) (sample clip)


Sunshine On My Shoulders (Soundtrack Version) (sample clip)
Take Me Home Country Roads (FULL Album Version, High Quality)
If I Could Put You In My Song (FULL Album Version, High Quality)
You Will Never Know (FULL Album Version, High Quality)


Right Back Where We Started (Album Version) (sample clip)
Toy Boy (Full Album version, High Quality)


Casa Cagat (Radio Edit) (sample clip)


I Got You Babe (Duet with "Dame Edna" and "Les Patterson") (Barry Humphries, both vocals)


Transexual Glamour - Shock Treatment (Studio Version) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Over At The Frankenstein Place (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Time Warp (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Sword Of Damocles (Full Version, High Quality) (Demo) (RHPS cover)
Transexually Transformed - Sweet Transvestite (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Sword Of Damocles (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Charles Atlas Song (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Charles Atlas Song Reprise (Demo) (FULL Version)
Transexually Transformed - Once In A While (Demo)(sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Denton USA (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Thank God I'm A Man (Demo) (sample clip)
Transexually Transformed - Little Black Dress (Demo) (sample clip)
Audio from the Shock Treatment Theatrical Trailer(FULL Audio)
2 U Hi, singing the song "Go 'Head" (FULL 12'' Version with Shock Treatment samples, High Quality)
2 U Hi, singing the song "Go 'Head" (Radio Edit) (FULL 7" Version, High Quality)