"Bit" Bass Player

Bit Bass Player


Name: unknown.  He is the bass player in Oscar Drill's band.  It is assumed he is a great pool table player.  His favorite word: "yeah."  (Source: Shock Treatment)


The "Bit" bass player and his bandmates left the Denton Studio, riding on the hood and trunk of Brad's new convertible.  However, just outside Denton, Brad made a sharp turn, and Oscar Drill and the Bits fell off the car into the road.  One bandmember was killed instantly by an oncoming vehicle.  The bass player, however, survived.  He moved in with the remaining bandmembers (a trailer at a nearby trailer court) for about 2 weeks before moving out, on his own.  He bought a motorcycle and travelled.  He was seen cruising George Michael in a public bathroom in 1997.  He was last seen in a biker bar in New York City.  He now speaks with a heavy Brooklyn accent, and spits on the sidewalk a lot.  Pretty pathetic.
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