Betty Hapschatt

FACTUAL INFORMATION (and the source)

Betty Hapschatt's maiden name was Monroe before she married Ralph Hapschatt in 1974 and were almost inseperable since they met in Dr. Scott's refresher course (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  They divorced sometime between 1975 and 1981 where they were viciously and stereotypically treating each other like unwanted ex-spouses (Shock Treatment).  With the help of an available hairpin, she can break into locked doors and cages, as well as start cars (Shock Treatment).  She enjoys poetry and seems to have a romantic interest in Judge Oliver Wright (Shock Treatment).


Betty Hapschatt attempted a short-lived (2 weeks or so) relationship with an older man (Judge Oliver Wright).  She was a bit much for him to handle, though, as she was at her sexual peak.  She wanted to dominate him (sexually) with whips and handcuffs.  Oliver left her, never to see her again.  She moved away to Texas and found herself a stud who liked dominate women.  Unfortunately, this "stud" was a criminal, and some of his unlawful ways rubbed off on her.  She robbed convenience stores and fled from the police on three different occasions.  When her boyfriend was arrested and jailed, she snuck in and (using a hairpin) opened his jail cell.  The two escaped without chase.  In late 1999, Betty was arrested by police as she attempted to hot-wire a car.  Currently she is serving time in jail.
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