After carefully watching the movie Shock Treatment over and over and over again, making notes, diagrams, and doodles of drawings, I was finally able to make a layout of then entire set/studio for filming the movie Shock Treatment.  And THIS is it:

1 - Cosmo and Nation's bedroom
2 - Bert Schnick's bedroom
3 - Janet's Bedroom
4 - Ricky and Ansalong's bedroom
5 - Happy Homes kitchen, etc...

Main Stage Area - Denton USA Anthem, Bert's game shows, Janet's Morning Show song, and Faith Factory

2nd Stage Area - Denton Dossier, Convertible Car display

Top Level Dressing Room - Has door near spiral stairs and door that opens up to walkway to Farley's office.  It also has a stairwell leading down to the bottom level Wardrobe room.  This "pink" dressing room is Janet's dressing room and also is the room where Janet dances on top of table during "Little Black Dress."

Bottom Level Dressing Room - Has only one door near audience.  This is the room for "Little Black Dress" start of song, as well as "Look What I Did To My ID."

Farley's Office is a big "box" room that hovers OVER the audience.  It has a heart window.  There is a small stair going down to just behind the last row of audience at top.  Farley holds his meetings in there.

Audience - It's a sell out.  Every seat is full.  As a matter of fact, two women have to stand until Janet and Brad leave their seats for Bert's they can have their seats.

Spiral Stairs - Starts at doorway of top level (Dressing room) and spirals down to main level.  There are two payphones at the bottom of the stairs, often out of view.  Betty and Oliver talk on them.

Research Lab - Also known as Betty and Oliver's office.  Also known as the room where the computer is that Betty looks up information on Farley and Brad.  She is locked out, but to the back of the room is another door that Betty breaks into.  This other door is out of sight, behind the research lab.

Main Set (Stage) Area - This place hosts many sets, including Bert's shows and Faith Factory.

2nd Stage Area - This is where Denton Dossier (Betty's show) is.  For Macy to introduce Janet on the Morning show, she uses Betty's desk, but changed the words "Denton Dossier" to "Morning Show".  The desk always faces the side of the audience.  At the end of the film, the desk is removed and the car is in its place.

Bay Door - The door the audience comes in from, and the same door Brad, Janet and the gang exit through.

Dining Room - This is the room where Bert, Cosmo and Nation read the scripts, while eating fruit.  Janet is there to watch Farley sing on the Television.  In Janet's dream sequence, the table is replaced by a pool table.

Cosmo's office - Cosmo's desk with a half circle row of file cabinets.  This room is also used in Janet's dream sequence, with the file cabinet's replaced by arcade games.  Note: the hallway that surrounds Cosmo's office is always open on one corner.  So it is really "impossible" for Brad, Betty and Oliver to get lost.

Happy Homes Set / Garage / Fake Grass - Emily's kitchen area and Dad's garage with fake grass to grow.

Terminal Ward - This is where Brad's "cage" is.

Bedrooms / Shower-room - Displayed prominately during the "Lullaby" song.  The bathroom where Janet brushes her teeth is the same room she showers in and Bert spies her.

Alley Street - Has the windows for each bedroom.  It's also where the cop finds the dead bird.

Overview Skywalk - This is the walkway on the second level where Betty and Oliver read poetry.  It wraps around the entire stage.  This allows them to notice that Bert Schnick is "dancing!"