Brad Majors

FACTUAL INFORMATION (and the source)

Brad Majors went to Denton High where he met his future wife, Janet Weiss, in his science class (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  Was brave and protective in the 1970's (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  Was wimpy and void of protective strength in the 1980's (Shock Treatment).  Had his first sexual experience with a man (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  Can be forgetful (i.e. leaving behind a spare tire) (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  At the time of proposing marriage to Janet, he already knew her father, but had just recently met her mother (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  At birth, his parents died, and he was adopted (as was his twin brother, whom he did not know existed until 1981) (Shock Treatment).  He likes to drive (Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment).


Brad Majors and his wife, Janet, spent several years in a doomed marriage.  After they divorced, Brad joined the military, where he was ridiculed because of his past.  Gradually he became addicted to cocaine, and became homeless.  He heard about the mysterious disappearance of his ex-wife, and spent the next year trying to find her.  In the fall of 1999, he was seen eating stale donuts out of a trash dumpster in New York City.
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