Brenda Drill

Brenda Drill


Brenda Drill is the sister sibling to Oscar Drill, the lead singer of "Oscar Drill and the Bits."  Brenda is also a dancer, as well as a cheerleader.  Her best friend is Francine, otherwise known as "Francine."  They are generally in a good mood when together.  She enjoys singing and flirting with pool players.  Tends to be the speaker for the group.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Oscar Drill and the Bits left the Denton Studio, riding on the hood and trunk of Brad's new convertible.  However, just outside Denton, Brad made a sharp turn, and they fell off the car into the road.  One bandmember was killed instantly by an oncoming vehicle.  Brenda, however, survived.  Knowing they couldn't go back to Denton, they found a trailer park to live in.  Brenda asked her mother for a cash loan to pay her share of the rent, but her mother was too stoned on marijuana.  Somehow, Brenda came up with her share of the rent (nobody knows how).  Two weeks later, she and her brother moved out of the trailer, and ventured to New York City to try to make it big there.  After several years, they failed as recording artists in New York, but throughout the struggle they became closer and closer.  They ended up lovers.  Newly made friends in New York say that more recently, they both act "different" - seemingly odd, as though they were different people altogether.  One person even suggested they were brainwashed by the bald doctor that paid them a visit not too long before.  Who knows...
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