Cameraman 1

Cameraman #1


Name: unknown.  He is the primary cameraman for Neely Pritt.  Doesn't speak.  Doesn't smile.  Doesn't seem interested in Neely's stories.  Doesn't seem interested in anything.  Looks vaguely familiar, as though he appeared somewhere else in Brad and Janet's life.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


It has been suggested that this man was actually a Transylvanian (as in Brad and Janet's adventure in the Frank N Furter castle) - and that somehow he is still (or came back) on earth.  Regardless, this much we do know.  Just as Brad and Janet and the gang fled Denton, this cameraman (as well as the other cameraman) jumped into their semi-truck (marked on the side DTV Studios) and chased after Brad in the convertible.  They believed they were following a "hot story."  Unfortunately the chase became reckless and the semi ended up running over one of the band members from Oscar Drill's band.  Afraid of their fatal mistake, the two cameramen fled the city and moved away, never to be heard from again.  (By now you're saying, "Yeah, I bet they ended up in New York City," right? -- Well, wrong!  Truth be told, I have NO IDEA where they ended up).  However, their truck has been seen outside a gay bar, somewhere in Maine.
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