By Donny O'Bryan
"A different perspective of The Rocky Horror Picture Show story"

CHAPTER 1:  Expected (And Unexpected) Guests Arrive

    Riff Raff stood at his bedroom window, staring out into the darkness, as the heavy rain poured, drenching the castle grounds.  Occasionally, a bolt of lightning would strike, lighting up the grounds for a split second.  The rain was thick, setting a mood of dreariness to the evening, regardless of the party going on downstairs.
    Master Frank N. Furter had planned the party over two weeks before, and the presentation of rainfall was not part of the master's plans.  Such a down pour could only ruin the evening as guests would most likely decline the invitation to attend due to weather.
    But that was not the case tonight.  As Riff Raff stood at his window sill, looking out into the dark woods that surround the castle, the guests were dancing in the ballroom down below.  He could hear the faint thumps of the heavy bass as the party continued through the night.  Perhaps the rain would not ruin the evening after all…but Riff Raff felt uneasy just the same.  Call it gut feeling if you like, but something told Riff Raff that something horrible was going to happen before the night ended.  And if push came to shove, he knew that he would have to take control of the situation, an action that Master Frank would not approve of, but one that must be done.  Their mission could not be strayed or faltered.
    "Ah," Riff Raff sighed, "Three more guests are arriving."
    Indeed there were three more guests, arriving on motorcycles, despite the treacherous rainfall.  Their headlights emerged from within the wooded area, lighting up the soaked castle grounds.  And within that lightness, Riff could see something else that intrigued him: two people walking towards the castle.  Were they earthlings?  If so, why would they be heading toward the castle?
    The two people, one male, one female were holding onto each other, but separated as the three motorcyclists zoomed into their path, practically running them over had they not divided.  After the cycles had passed, the two individuals joined again, continuing towards the castle.  Riff debated on how to greet them should they ring or knock on the doorbell.  Should he be kind, or should he send them away.  This was a very difficult decision to make considering the secrecy of their existence.  Master Frank was determined not to let earthlings know they were hiding out in the wooded area, just outside of the small town of Denton.
    Riff began to question why these two earthlings were here.  Perhaps they were driving their automobile nearby, and their car ran out of gas?  Or perhaps their car had a flat tire?  As Riff stared at his unexpected guests, he began to mumble words that surfaced in his head:
    "The darkness must go down the river of nights dreaming," he said.  Indeed there was a feeling of impending doom lurking in the air, and Riff Raff yearned for this night to end quickly.  "Flow, Morphia, slow.  Let the sun and light come streaming into my life."  Oh, how poetic his words flowed from his lips.  "Into my life," he repeated for emphasis.
    Quickly Riff Raff turned around and headed for the door.  He knew he must find Master Frank and tell him about the two earthlings.  Outside of his bed, he took another turn, and then headed towards the old fashioned elevator.  Once inside, he headed up to the top floor where the laboratory was.  Within the lab was a secluded corner, sanctioned off by satin drapery, was the Master's suite: a beautiful bed, covered with black velvet sheeting, and two pillows.
    Riff Raff approached the open drapery, noticing his master there, applying make up to his face.  Master Frank N Furter was in many ways a perfectionists, paying close attention to details.  He applied eye liner to his eyes in delicate strokes.  Frank N Furter turned towards his faithful servant, asking, "Yes?"
    "Master," Riff began, "From the window I have spotted two earthlings on the castle grounds.  They appear to be heading towards us."
    "Why do you think they are here?" Frank asked, seemingly nervous, but making attempt to remain calm and strong.
    Riff answered, "Perhaps their car has a flat tire."
    Frank stopped applying make up to his face, and stared out into the laboratory, as if in deep thought.
    Seconds passed by before Riff Raff broke the silence by asking him, "Should I send them away?"
    "No.  Let them in.  Invite them to the party downstairs.  Offer them food and beverage.  I would thoroughly enjoy more company when I reveal my creature."
    "Whatever you say," Riff said, turning away.  Frank resumed his make up application.  Riff Raff stopped at the red freezer door, staring at it.  Finally he mumbled, "Master, do you think Eddie will be any problem?"
    "No," Frank said, "I've got him locked up in there, and there is no way he can get out.  I'm sure of that.  He'll be no problem tonight."
    "Yes, Master," Riff said, as he walked back to the elevator.  Once inside, he hit the button to send him to the first floor.  As the elevator descended, he took one last glance at the gigantic fishtank inside the lab.  Within the glass was Frank's beloved creature, Rocky Horror.  Secretly, Riff Raff despised that creature.
    When the elevator touch the first floor ground, he opened up the door and headed toward the main hall.  Behind him, the party's music (deafened by the closed doors) make a repeated thud, thud, thud.  He turned the corner into the hallway, and saw his sister, Magenta, in an unusual position.  She was at the very top of the first level stairs, with one leg draped over each side of the bannister.  Suddenly, she let out a laughter, and slid down the bannister, her buttocks braking against the ball of wood at the end of it.  Her laughter softened, and quickly turned into a frown.
    "Are you enjoying yourself?" Riff asked her.
    "I'm having the time of my life," she replied, "Can't you tell?"
    Riff smiled at her sarcasm, a feature seldom seen on him.  Then he said to her, "Shouldn't you be dusting or something?  I mean, you are a domesticated maid."
    "I am," she said, climbing the stairs slowing to the top of the first level.  "I was just polishing the banister."  With those words, she once again swung her leg over the banister, hugging it like a horse, and then allowed herself to slide down it.
    "You are truly bored," Riff said to her.
    She yawned slowly and then said, "Why are you worried about my job?  What about yours?"
    Riff Raff stood up straight, his humped shoulder protruding, "I'm a handyman."
    "A what?"
    "I believe in the United States, I'm more commonly known as a butler."
    Magenta laughed slightly, "A butler?  What exactly does a butler do?"
    Riff dropped his proud posture, and tried to think, "Uh…I buttle."
    Magenta started up the stairs again, stopping on the fourth one, and then said, "Well, brother Riff.  While you were upstairs buttling, I was downstairs letting the guests in.  Three of them just arrived, no more than a few minutes ago."
    She looked to the top of the stairs, and decided she didn't want to climb it anymore.  Standing atop the fourth step, she swung her leg up onto the banister, lying her chest down against it.  She appeared to be lying on top of the bannister.
    Riff Raff started to respond to her last statement when suddenly he stopped talking.  Outside the castle's front door, he could hear two individuals talking, the voices muffled by the thick doors.
    "Who is that?" Magenta asked, still lying on the banister.
    "Earthlings," Riff answered as the doorbell suddenly rang loud, "Master Frank wants them to stay for the party."
    Magenta watched as her brother Riff Raff headed toward the first set of doors, that stood in front of another set of doors, which which opened up to the castle grounds.  She said to him, "Frank wants them to partake in tonight's events?  How lucky they are."  This last line she spoke sarcastically, as she laid her head softly against the banister, and closed her eyes.
    Riff Raff opened up the second set of doors, and saw a young man and woman standing there shivering.  "Hello," Riff Raff said.
    "Hi," Brad said, offering an extended hand, which Riff Raff did not take, "My name's Brad Majors and this is my fiancé, Janet Weiss.  I was wondering if you might help us.  You see, our car broke down a few miles up the road."
    Car broke down? Riff thought at that moment, and I had just told master Frank you had a flat tire.  So much for premature guessing.
    Brad Majors looked passed Riff Raff, into the castle foyer, adding, "Do you have a phone we might use?"
    Riff Raff's mind started wandering again, thinking I'll let them in, as Master Frank wants, but I have this bad feeling that this is a bad idea…

CHAPTER 2:  Spotlight On Columbia, The Groupie

    Columbia sat, perched on top of an old jukebox, watching the partygoers as they danced.  She had programmed all the tracks to be played inside the jukebox, acting as a hyperactive but loving disc jockey.  As the music played, several Transylvanians danced their way over to her, waving hello.  One fellow Trannie even kissed her shoed foot.  She enjoyed the spotlight very much.
    Suddenly, the current song faded, and fell into a brief silent void.  Columbia looked down at the jukebox display, noticing that they were now about to hear the final song of the evening: The Time Warp.
    "Okay, guys.  It's Time Warp Time!" she shouted.
 The song "Time Warp" was a popular song inside the castle.  This instrumental single was found in the jukebox which had previously been stored in the castles attic, and has been a favorite ever since.  The music was fast and uplifting, creating a self-urgency to get off your feet and dance!  Magenta, Riff Raff and herself had prepared some lyrics to sing especially for the party, and the magic moment had come.
    The songs first note sounded with a bang, and suddenly Columbia was nervous: Riff Raff was nowhere to be found.  And neither was Magenta.  The party guests were tapping their feet to the music's driving beat, anxious to dance the dance that Columbia had taught them the prior week.
    Riff Raff, Magenta, she thought, Where the hell are you?
    Nervously she listened to the first verse, eyeing the dance floor for Riff Raff.  As the verse neared the start of the first chorus, Columbia glanced up at the double doors, which were shut.  Behind the doors was the main livingroom of the house.  "Come on," Columbia mumbled, "Get in here…"
    Suddenly, as the first line of the chorus sounded, the double doors swung open, revealing not only Riff Raff and Magenta, but two strange earthlings as well, standing in front of them.  The party goers stood there, in a bit of a shock, singing "Let's do the Time Warp again!"  A few seconds later, the dancing resumed, as though nothing unusual had happened.
    Columbia smiled, tipping her golden top hat towards the unfamiliar guests.
    She didn't know how to deal with the strangers that stood at the open doorway.  Like Frank N. Furter, the scientist whom she admired so much, Columbia always enjoyed the spotlight.  And these strangers proposed a threat to that spotlight's brightness.  When the time comes, she was ready to stand tall, and be snobbish if that were necessary.
    Shortly into the song, just after Magenta's solo, Columbia took center stage.  She sang her verse, and then entertained everyone with a wonderful tap dance.  The crowd loved it, as they watched her shine gloriously in her spotlight.  She tapped her shoes in a graceful dance, spinning around here and there.  Unfortunately, she misjudge the distance of the stairs leading to the stage, and tripped on the lowest step.
    Regardless, the crowd continued dancing The Time Warp.  Columbia angrily put on her top hat that had fallen to the floor, and then swallowed her pride, standing up to join in the dance.
    She glanced over at the two earthlings.  The male was rocking his head back and forth to the music, while it was very clear that the female was unnerved.  She nudged him towards the end of the song, in efforts to "sneak away."
    No sooner had they reached the top of the stairs than the song ended.  Exhausted, everyone at the party collapsed to the floor.  Brad and Janet, their getaway interrupted, stood at the top of the stairs looking down on them.
    "Brad, say something!" Janet urged.
    "Say!" Brad yelled to the Transylvanians, "Do one of you guys know how to Madison?"
    Columbia stood up, as did the other Transylvanians as well.  They knew what was next: Frank N. Furter was making a grand entrance.  And what a grand entrance it was: through the elevator where Brad and Janet now stood.  Entering the doorway into the ballroom, Brad and Janet were compelled to follow him back into the ballroom.  Master Frank claimed to be a "Sweet Transvestite" and his number one fan, groupie Columbia, would agree with that statement.  She smiled with lust as Frank threw off his black and silver cape, revealing the sexiest Transylvanian attire ever to exist.
    After making his rounds to greet everyone that he had invited to the party, Frank headed back to the elevator, inviting everyone up to the lab to "see what's on the slab".  Quickly, he took the elevator up to the top floor, and awaited his guests to follow.

CHAPTER 3:  The Creation

    Frank N. Furter stepped off the elevator and into the lab.  He approached the large aquarium, which was covered in a red drapery, and leaned over to it, pressing his lips against it in a gentle kiss.  Pulling away from it, he smiled and said, "Soon, Rocky.  Soon."
    On the other side of the lab his master suite was opened up to reveal his bed.  Lying on the bed Frank spotted a green smock, which he quickly picked up and put on.  He then pulled the canopy drapes closed, hiding away the elegant bedding.
    Behind him, he could hear the elevator humming and the occasional clanging of the metal gate.  Guests were on their way up.  He would not disappoint them: Frank was going to exhibit his latest discovery.  Frank had found the secret to life.
    Suddenly a loud thud - more like a crash - sounded inside the lab.  The elevator had arrived again, unloading eight Transylvanians.  Frank stood in front of the draped aquarium, giving his Transylvanian guests a smile of welcome.  As quickly as they stepped off, the elevator was one it's way down to pick up the remaining Transylvanians.  All of this took a matter of merely a few minutes.
    In the meantime, Transylvanians began looking around the laboratory.  This was their first time seeing it, and many of the guests were inquisitive.  One Transylvanian approached the red freezer door, and extended an index finger towards the "open" button.
    Frank rushed over there, stopping the action before it could happen.  "Don't push that," Frank demanded.  "I have a lot of important experiments in there that rely on the cold temperatures to preserve them."
    "Oh," the Transylvanian said, "I'm so sorry, Dr. Furter."
    Another loud thud sounded, alerting Frank that the remaining Transylvanians had arrived to the lab.  Frank watched as they all stepped out of the elevator, and sent it back down to the main floor.  Frank knew that time was short.  He called for everyone's attention.  When he had it, he said to them, "Please, if you would, kindly step up onto the ramps located at each side of the laboratory.  The presentation is about to begin."
    As the Transylvanians climbed the ramps, stopping at the top of the overlook, Frank moved to the front of the aquarium again.  He faced the elevator, hearing the humming of it's mechanical components.  Within a few seconds, the elevator surfaced, stopping in the lab.  The doors opened, revealing the two earthlings, Brad and Janet, as well as his faithful servants, Riff Raff, Magenta, and Columbia.
    When Brad and Janet stepped off the elevator, dressed only in their underclothing, they had no idea what was in store for them.  Before the hour ended, they would see Frank unveil his latest discovery.  They would see a muscle-bound man with blonde hair come to life.  And to their horror, they would see a man be murdered in front of their very eyes.

CHAPTER 4:  Eddie

    Eddie didn't remember much went he woke up.  His last memories were vague.  He remembered an argument with Frank N. Furter.  When was that, he wondered,  a week ago?  He remembered worrying that Frank would try to kill him.  He remembered pricking his thumb and writing a message to his uncle with his blood, alerting him that he life might be in danger.  Eddie remembered getting us this morning and driving his motorcycle to the castle.  But from that point on, his memory was completely distorted.  A few images tried to surface: another argument with Frank.  A search in the castle for Columbia, the woman he loved.  And that was all.
    Now he was awake, wondering what the hell had happened.  Had he been drugged?  And why was there an aching pain inside of his head?  But the single most important question was the biggest mystery of all: Why was he inside of a freezer?
    Although it was dark inside, he could tell where he was at.  His body temperature had dropped but he could still tell that his fingertips were touching the cold surface of ice.  The floor, in certain areas, seemed to be a sheet of ice.  His fingers climbed the walls, and found nothing but ice.
    "I'm in a freezer," Eddie whispered.  He was sure that if he could see, there would be puffs of steam coming from his mouth as he spoke.
    He stood up, and turned to his left.  With his arms extended, he began blindly searching the air, as he carefully stepped forward.  When his hand touched the wall to his left, he searched it's surface to find something.  His fingertips found something that felt like a wine rack.  Continuing his search, his finger slide against cold metal.  He grasped it, trying to identify what it was.  A few seconds later, he was able to figure out what it was: a pick of some type, perhaps to pick at ice.
    He wanted to search the opposite wall, so he turned and approached it carefully in the darkness.  Luckily, his hand came across what he was looking for: a lightswitch.
    He flipped it on, and the freezer lit up brightly.  Eddie shielded his eyes from the brightness and allowed some time to adjust.  Then he looked around the large walk-in freezer.  To the back of his freezer his bike was parked, facing the main door.
    "My baby," he said softly, looking at his motorcycle.  He climbed onto it, and looked into the mirror.  Some ice had crystallized around the edges of it, but he could still see his reflection.  He noticed that there was a deep gash above his forehead.  He had been cut, but he didn't remember the insident at all.
    Looking away from the mirror, he noticed something near the edge of the freezer door: a button with a sign attached to it.  Eddie climbed off his bike and went to the sign to read it.  It said, "To open door, press button."
    "Yes!" Eddie shouted to himself in a victorious cheer.
    However, Eddie had one problem: a thick shield of ice covered the button, and his fingertips could not break through.  "Damn!" he shouted.
    Suddenly, he could hear something from the other side of the door.  He stared at the door to listen to the muffled sounds.  But they were too faint to hear.  He leaned his head towards the door, pressing his ear tight against the cold surface.  Although the sounds were muffled through the thick door, he could hear voices.  And it sounded like there were many.
    "Help!  Let me out!  I'm in here!" he shouted, pounding his fist on the wall.  Unfortunately, no one could hear him.
    He looked at the heavy pick, and then realized what he had to do.  He took the pick and began picking away at the thick ice that covered the escape button, being careful not to damage the button itself, with each blow of the pick's tip.
    Finally the ice broke free from the button, and Eddie stared at the exposed button.  This is it, he thought to himself, putting on his helmet and goggles, I hope they're expecting me because here I come like a bat out of hell.
    His fingertip found the surface of the button and a couple of seconds later (for some reason, he had a moment of hesitation) he pressed the button.  When he did, he could hear a beeping noise from outside the freezer sound three loud beeps before the freezer door opened.  This gave him time to board his motorbike and start it up.  To his surprise, it started right up.
    The open door, hinged at the bottom, revealed a layer of ice that had formed, but that wouldn't stop Eddie from escaping.  He revved up his bike, and crashed through it.  Through the madness and noise, he could hear his girlfriend Columbia shout his name.  He looked the room over, and saw several people that he did not know.
    When Columbia shouted "Eddie!" in excitement, Janet looked over to Brad and mumbled to him, "Who's Eddie?"  Brad shrugged slightly.
    Frank N Furter seemed to be angry, but he allowed Eddie to make his grand entrance uninterrupted.  Eddie removed his glasses and helmet.  He propped his bike up with the kickstand, and then got off it.  Frank N Furter, feeling the spotlight removed from his presentation of Rocky, became jealous.  So jealous, in fact, that he wanted Eddie removed from the picture.  He turned to see Riff Raff and Magenta inside the freezer, next to the wine rack.  Frank went inside the freezer, pushing his servants out of there.  Once inside, Frank grabbed the pick that Eddie had used to aide in his escape.  Little did Eddie know that the pick he used to escape the freezer was going to be the exact thing that ended his life.
    Frank approached Eddie, raising the pick high into the air.  Downward it arched, the first one missing Eddie completely.  Eddie found himself crawling back into the freezer, where he was cornered by the avenging Frank N. Furter.  Frank's final swings of the pick ended Eddie's life.  When Frank exited the freezer, dropping the pick ax, Eddie lie motionless behind him.
    Brad and Janet stood in horror at what they had just witnessed.  Frank then took his creature's arm and escorted him to the master's bed.  Brad and Janet wondered if coming to the castle might have been a great mistake.

CHAPTER 5:  The Transylvanians Leave

    Directly after Frank and Rocky went to the Master bed, and pulled the draperies shut for privacy, the Transylvanian guests decided to call it an evening.  It was evident that the party was over so they all headed back down to the main floor to leave the castle.  Columbia watched the Transylvanians leave, and noticed the look of What-Are-We-Supposed-To-Do-Now? look on Brad and Janet's faces.  So Columbia went up to the Master's bed and interrupted them by asking Frank, "Excuse me, but what about Brad and Janet?"
    "Show them to separate bedrooms on the second floor.  Perhaps some rest will do them some good."
    Columbia went back to Brad and Janet and explained to them that it was in their best interest to stay the night.  They would each be provided with a comfortable bed in their own bed chambers.
    When Brad and Janet started to walk back towards the elevators, Columbia stopped them, by saying, "I'm sorry, your lab robes will have to stay here."
    Brad and Janet reluctantly gave back the white lab coats to Columbia, who stored them under the tank until she could pick them up later.  Brad and Janet, escorted by Columbia, entered the elevator shaft, and descended to the 2nd floor of the castle.  Before arriving to Janet's room, Columbia stopped at a utility closet and grabbed two night robes, one for Janet, one for Brad.  She showed both of them their rooms and then headed onward to her own room.

CHAPTER 6: Frank Wants More

    Frank lay in after afterglow in his Master bed.  Rocky, his creature, lie at his side.  "My beautiful creature," Frank said to him, "I must go take care of our guests.  I don't want you running off, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to restrain you."
    Being a man of few words, Rocky allowed his ankles to be shackled.
    Frank left his bedside and saw Riff Raff and Magenta, cleaning up the lab from the party.  Magenta had just started mopping.  Frank smiled at a newly placed item in the lab: a candelabra.
    Riff Raff approached Frank, and said, "I thought candlelight would make Master Frank pleased during moments like this."  Riff Raff nodded towards the sleeping Rocky.
    "Wonderful idea, Riff Raff.  Your loyalty shall be rewarded one day, mark my words."
    Frank walked past the candles and entered the elevator, saying, "I think I want to have a little fun with our overnight guests..."
    Frank proceeded to go down to the 2nd floor and seduced both Janet and Brad, the last encounter interrupted by Riff Raff's announcement that Rocky had escaped...

CHAPTER 7: Rocky's Escape

    Rocky had been sleeping quietly in Frank N Furter's Master bed.  However, it startled him to realize that Riff Raff was hovering over him with a lit candelabra, attempting to torture and humiliate him.  Rocky tried to break free from his chains, which was difficult.  Soon enough, the chains broke, and Rocky fled to the elevator shaft.  He didn't even wait for the elevator to make it to the lab floor -- he descended the interior of the shaft to the bottom floor, and began to search for a way out of the castle.
    A couple minutes later, Riff Raff said to his sister, Magenta, "I'd better notify the master that his creature has escaped."
    Magenta headed for the elevator shaft and pressed the button for the return of the elevator.  As she waited for the elevator, she turned to her brother and said, "I'm going to release the dogs.  I'm sure they can track him down if he made it to the castle grounds.  Then I'd better go prepare for dinner.  Care to join me in a few minutes inside the kitchen?"  Her brother Riff Raff smiled.
    Downstairs, however, Rocky felt lost.  He ran into the main living quarters, and beyond two double doors, where he saw a large room (the ballroom).  He ran to the stage to hide behind the curtains, but much to his surprise, when he pulled the curtains back slightly, he saw a large pool of water.  This frightened him -- it reminded him of the water he had been submerged in inside his creation tank -- so he jumped off the stage.
    Back through the double doors, he entered the main living area and ran past the elevator shaft.  The shaft startled him, as he could see the elevator ascending upwards to a higher floor.  In a panic, he bolted for another set of doors: doors which lead outside.
    Once outside, he started running into the woods, the rain pouring down heavily onto his head.  Running into the woods proved to be a mistake, as he eventually ended up coming to a brick wall which surrounded the castle -- and he was not smart enough to understand the concept of a gate somewhere nearby.
    In the background he could hear dogs approaching so he started running again: left, right, left, left...until all of his sense of direction was lost and he found himself at the castle again, this time on the side.  The dogs were right behind him, chasing, so he could only continue to run.  He fell a couple of times, and scraped himself in various places.
    Eventually, he found the front doors again and ran through them, shutting them tightly.  The dogs barked and scratched at the front doors trying to get in.  Rocky nervously looked around and saw the elevator was nearby, so he took it back up to the lab where Riff Raff and Magenta were no longer there.
    Realizing the tank was his only refuge (in a sense, he had found shelter in his "womb"), Rocky stepped back into it and pulled the covers over his head.  He felt like crying.
    Minutes later, as he cried, he could hear the elevator shaft making a noise as the elevator was being lowered.  He silenced his cries, and listened more as the elevator returned to the lab.  Who is it? he wondered.  Is it someone I can trust?
    He could hear the person step out of the elevator and into the lab.  She spoke aloud, through tears, several words.  Suddenly she became quiet.  Had she heard him?  She approached the tank and pulled back the covers to reveal Rocky.
    The woman was Janet Weiss.

CHAPTER 8: Janet Discovers Rocky

    Janet, having been seduced by Frank N Furter, felt guilty.  After he left (to wherever he was going next), she lay in her bed reliving the moments that had just expired.  Frank N Furter had just had sex with her.  In simpler terms, she had just cheated on the man she had agreed to marry one day.  She felt incredibly and sat up her bed, her face streaming with teardrops.
    She had to leave the room, the place where her act of unfaithfulness reminded of her of how wrong it was.  She left her bedroom and went to the elevator shaft.  The elevator was up in the lab, so she pressed the button and waited for it to come down to her.  As she waited, she saw Magenta coming up the stairs.
    Magenta stopped and looked at Janet.  Magenta asked, "Is something wrong?"
    Janet searched her mind for an excuse and came up with one: "I was just heading for the kitchen to get something to eat."
    Magenta, heading down the hall and no longer interested in Janet responded, "Dinner is cooking.  It will be ready shortly."
    After saying that, Magenta opened up one of the bedroom doors, and entered it, without shutting the door behind her.
    The elevator arrived and Janet took it to the lab, where she found out (by witness of a television monitor) that Brad had cheated with Frank N Furter as well.  This made her cry.  It was around this same time that she heard a noise from within the tank.  Pulling the red cover back, she found Rocky Horror.
    "Oh, you're hurt" she said to him.  She began ripping parts of her under slip to make bandages for Rocky's wounds.  This made herself more revealing to Rocky, and the situation seemed very sexual.  Remembering what Brad had done with Frank, she felt no problem with one little affair with Rocky.
    Little did she know: Magenta and Columbia were watching from their bedroom monitor...

CHAPTER 9:  Cooking And Television

    "Dinner is cooking," Magenta said to Janet, walking away in the hallway, "It will be ready shortly."  With those words said, Magenta entered Columbia's bedroom, leaving Janet alone in the hallway.
    Columbia, now dressed in pajamas and sitting on her bed, pulled out a bottle of nail polish from a nearby drawer, and asked Magenta, "Who were you talking to?"
    Magenta went to the dresser and opened the top drawer, answering, "Janet.  She's in the hallway.  I told her dinner was cooking and would be ready shortly."
    Magenta searched through the top drawer and found the article of clothing she had been looking for: a see-though black nightgown.  She began to change changes, from her maids uniform into the nightie.
    Columbia smiled, "Dinner?  I'd almost forgotten.  What with the party and all, we totally forgot about dinner.  What's the main course?"
    Magenta nervously smiled, and answered, "It's a surprise."
    "I love surprises!  Here, come here," Columbia said, patting the bedside next to her, "Let me do your nails."
    Magenta, now dressed in her nightie, went to the water pan, and splashed her face with some cool water.  Then she went over to Columbia and sat down next to her, stating, "It is so hot in that kitchen.  That water felt good."
    Columbia suggested, "Here, take this hair dryer.  It's got a COOL setting on it which blows out cold air.  Perhaps that'll cool you off."
    As Columbia started to painting Magenta's toenails, Magenta thought of Janet.  She said, "I wonder where Janet was really going to?"
    Columbia pointed to the television monitor in front of the bed, and suggested, "Why not spy on her from there."
    "Good idea!"

CHAPTER 10:  Brad Watches Frank Whip Rocky

    "Magenta has just released the dogs," Riff had said minutes before.  "Coming!" Frank had responded.  But for some unknown reason, Frank made to real effort to leave.
    Instead, Frank lay back in Brad's bed and fell asleep.  Perhaps he had faith in Magenta's dogs to find the runaway creature?
    Brad sat up, and looked back at Frank.  What have I done? he asked himself, I have had sex with another man!  Poor Janet.  If she ever found out about this, she'll leave me for sure.  And that would be the end of our relationship.  I'm sure we couldn't even be friends.  She most likely wouldn't even answer the phone at that point if I tried calling.
    I don't know which is worse? The fact that I cheated on her, or the fact that it was another man!
    Brad reached over and grabbed the blue bathrobe nearby and slipped it on.  Sitting back down on the bed, he could hear Frank's quiet snores.
    Outside his bedroom, he could hear Janet's voice, talking to someone, saying "I was just heading for the kitchen to get something to eat."
    A minute later, Brad could hear Janet enter the elevator and could hear it take her to wherever she was going, most likely downstairs to the kitchen.
    Brad felt guilty for his sexual liaison with Frank N. Furter.  He felt edgy, nervous.  Reaching his hands into his blue bathrobe pocket, he discovered a package of cigarettes, most likely belong to ... Frank?  Regardless, Brad took a cigarette into his mouth and lit it up with the accompanying matchbook.  As Brad smoked the cigarette, it occurred to him that he didn't even smoke!  Oh well, I never slept with a man before either...
    About 10 minutes later, Frank N. Furter woke up, the sound of Riff Raff at Brad's bedroom door.  Brad answered the door, having just put out his cigarette.
    "Master," Riff Raff said, "We haven't been able to find Rocky yet."
    "What?" Frank said, sitting up, adjusting to the hallway light, "How could you let this happen!"
    Frank got out of bed, and dashed over to a closet, where a black leather Jacket hung on a hanger.  Frank started to change his attire completely, mumbling words of anger to Riff Raff.
    When Frank had completely changed his clothes, he ordered that the three of them (Frank, Riff Raff, and Brad) would search every floor -- every room -- of the castle until Rocky was found.
    They started on the first floor, then the second floor.  They even opened up Columbia's bedroom, and saw that she and Magenta were watching something on television.  "More! More! More!" they exclaimed to the monitor.
    Frank asked them, "Have you seen Rocky since he escaped?"
    "Escaped?" Columbia asked, confused because she was watching him on the monitor at that moment, "but he's--."
    "No," Magenta said, smiling, "We haven't seen him."
    Frank left the room, and Columbia turned to Magenta, asking, "Why didn't you want to tell him where Rocky was?"
    "What? And interrupt this wonderful display of fun?"
    Columbia and Magenta laughed heavily and resumed watching Rocky and Janet have sex in the tank.
    Several minutes later, Rocky and Janet finished having sex, and smiled at each other.  Suddenly they could hear the elevator coming towards the lab floor, so they pulled the blankets over them to hide.
    They listened carefully to the voice of Frank N Furter, as he beat his servant Riff Raff with a whip.  Then they could hear Riff Raff say, "Master, we have a visitor!"
    Janet found herself wondering, Who would be visiting at this late hour ... in the middle of the woods?

CHAPTER 11: Dr. Scott's Arrival

    Dr. Scott drove his car (equipped for the handicap) to the castle.  He knew where the castle was.  Eddie had called him a week before, out of the blue, and informed him of a dangerous situation he had gotten himself into.
    It wasn't until he received a letter from Eddie, written in blood, fearing the end of his life, that Dr. Scott decided to check the castle out.  He parked his car outside the gate, and then rolled his wheelchair to the castle's front door.
    Just in front of the porch, he stopped and closed his umbrella because the rain had just stopped.  He went to the door, which was (for some reason) wide open.  He entered the front door and said "Hello?  Is anyone home?"
    He turned left into a room which was filled with several odd decorations, and noticed a rolled "joint" of marijuana.  He knew that in England, this type of room was referred to as a "zen" room, popular in the 1960's for orgies and drug use.  He quickly rolled out of the room and stopped at the bottom of a staircase.
    Suddenly he felt a strange magnetic pull on his wheelchair and he found himself being rose up the stairs, one step at a time, in a fast speed.  Upward he went, up and up, until he found himself quickly approaching a dead end: a wall was within seconds from his wheelchair.
    He crashed through the wall, and his wheelchair stopped momentarily.  Luckily, the impact was against his legs, where, due to his paralysis, felt no pain.  A second later, he was wheeling down a ramp inside the castle's laboratory.  He came to rest in front of Frank N. Furter (whom he had knowledge of), Riff Raff, and one of his former students, Brad Majors.
    "I came here to find Eddie," Dr. Scott eventually said, "He happens to be my nephew."
    Suddenly, after hearing a gasp from within the large creation tank, everyone was surprised to discover Rocky and Janet hiding within it.
    Magenta, standing high above, announced that dinner is prepared.
    "Excellent," Frank said, still angry that his creature was with Janet, "Formal dress is to be optional."

CHAPTER 12:  Getting Ready For Dinner

    Everyone adjourned to the dining room and sat in their seats.  Nobody spoke.  They awaited dinner.
    Dinner, which was a surprise to most of the party guests, was just about to be served.
    In the kitchen, Riff Raff and Magenta loaded a push-cart with the dinner: Eddie.
    Cooking and serving Eddie was Frank's idea.  He had suggested it to Magenta before the party that night had even began.  "I've got Eddie locked in the freezer.  Perhaps one day we can cook and eat him.  Should be plenty of meat there to last a long time."
    Therefore, after Rocky's creation -- after Frank killed Eddie with an ice pick -- Magenta took it upon herself to drag Eddie to the kitchen to cook ... or at least part of him.  She cooked only a small section of him, and with her brother's help, they put the remains of Eddie inside the dining room table (it had a large cavity, viewable from a glass top).  Then they placed a tablecloth on top of the table to hide the body.
    "Master," Magenta said to Frank, just before dinner, but after discovering Rocky and Janet in the tank, "I cooked Eddie, just as you suggested earlier."
    For a second, Frank looked astounded.  Then he said to her, "Keep this to yourself.  It's our secret."
    Magenta leaned over to Frank (they were in one of the bedrooms where Frank had a line of wardrobe in a closet) and whispered, "What I didn't cook of Eddie is under the diningroom table."
    "You're kidding!" Frank smiled.
    "No," Magenta answered, about to walk out the door, "If you don't believe me, look under the tablecloth through the glass top."
    Magenta left the room smiling, as though she had done a good deed.  Frank was now alone in this bedroom, standing at the closet.
    "Excellent," Frank said to himself, "This is going to be a wonderful dinner."

CHAPTER 13:  Columbia Discovers Statues

    Columbia excused herself from dinner when Frank revealed verbally that Eddie was a "tender subject."  She felt sick to her stomach, and knew the reason why: she had been eating the man she loved.  She had been eating Eddie.  She excused herself from dinner and went to her bedroom to cry.
    She wasn't sure how long she had been crying, mourning the death and cannibalism of Eddie.  At some point, she wiped her tears, and heard a commotion downstairs in the livingroom.  There were screams, and then suddenly she could hear footsteps running up the stairs.  She could hear the elevator running.  Frank was yelling at Janet, who was screaming.  He chased her up to the third floor.  The chase continued upwards, Columbia guessed by the sounds, to the lab.  That must be where the elevator went to -- perhaps with Brad and Dr. Scott?
    Columbia left her bedroom, and saw Riff Raff, Magenta, and Rocky running up the stairs to the lab, entering the hole that Dr. Scott had had created from crashing through the wall.  Columbia ran after then and entered as well.  What she saw amazed her: Frank had turned the earthlings into stone.
    "My God!" Columbia said, "I can't stand anymore of this!"
    She started to yell at Frank N Furter for all the mistakes he has made, when suddenly he turned her to statue, followed by turning Rocky to stone as well.
    "Come," Frank told Riff Raff and Magenta moments later, "We are ready for the floorshow."

CHAPTER 14:  Setting Up A Floorshow

    Frank, with Riff Raff's help, carried the statues to the stage inside the ballroom.  Backstage, put Transylvanian attire on the statues, as well as face paint.  He applied some boas around their shoulders and arms, and then flipped some switches and pressed some buttons for the stage curtains to open.  He sat down at the dressingroom table, which was well lit up with lights, and started to remove the facial mud he had applied to his face.  After a few drab efforts, he gave up.  Turning his attention to the statues, he unzapped each and every statue so that they could sing and dance a floorshow.  Eventually, he appeared in a snazzy new outfit, and was the center of attraction.
    As though they were brainwashed, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.  They jumped into the pool and started an orgy.  When they stepped out of the pool, they were startled to see Riff Raff and Magenta, in their spacesuits, pointing a 3-pronged laser gun at them...

CHAPTER 15:  Change Of Plans

    After Riff Raff helped Frank bring the statues to the stage area, he left Frank alone to have fun with his "floorshow."  He returned to Magenta's side in the diningroom where she was cleaning up.
    "What's wrong?" she asked him.
    "Master Frank," Riff Raff answered, "He's forgotten about our mission.  He needs to be stopped."
    "What do you have in mind?"
    Riff Raff answered, "I have no choice but to kill him.  I'll let the others go, but Frank N Furter must die.  We'll head back to Transexual thereafter."
    "Well," Magenta said, "If we're going to make a grand entrance -- interrupting Frank's floorshow, then I'd better change clothes."
    Riff Raff smiled, "Let's get our spacesuits on.  I'll grab the laser.  Meet me in 15 minutes outside the ballroom doors."
    When 15 minutes passed, Riff Raff and Magenta stood behind the ballroom doors.
    "Are you ready?" Riff Raff asked his sister.
    "Yes," she answered.
    Riff swung the door open and yelled "Frank N Furter, it's all over!"
    Frank saw how serious Riff Raff was, and begged him not to kill him.
    Before the next 15 minutes ended, Riff Raff had killed Frank, Columbia, and Rocky.  He turned to the 3 earthlings, and told them to leave...."Now!"
    After the 3 earthlings left, the castle took off into space, leaving Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott lying inside a crater where the castle once sat.
    They looked at each other, trying to put together the past 24 hours.  It was something they would never forget, but at the same time, it was something would want to forget.

CHAPTER 16:  Afterwards

    The town of Denton called them crazy, and everybody laughed off the entire story.  Everybody, that is, but one: a local criminologist.  He believed Brad and Janet's story so much that he gathered information, and put it together in a book.  He eventually went on tours, telling the story in various cities.
    Sometimes he could be found in his office, practicing his speech to an imaginary audience, so that he would be prepared later on.  He would often find himself embellishing on certain details that Brad and Janet could not possibly have known.
    Months later, the story became so famous that a movie studio decided to make a movie about it, calling it "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."