Cosmo McKinley


Birthplace / date of birth are unknown.  He was "brought over from Europe," by Bert Schnick.  He used various last names, all of which belonged originally to U.S. presidents.  Went to college with his sister, Nation.  Stars in television show called Dentonvale.  Claims to have cured Brad Majors from his mental sickness after only one day of treatment.  He and his sister helped their boss brainwash an entire studio audience.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After brainwashing an entire studio audience, Cosmo and his sister joined their boss Farley on a massive manhunt to find Brad and Janet who had escaped them in the studio.  After a short time, Cosmo and his sister escaped the mind-bending clutches of Farley and fled to California where they became soap opera stars on the FOX network.  The two of them married in 1998, and appeared on The Jerry Springer Show together (episode 1987.34, "I'm Sleeping With My Sister").  In 1998, upon hearing that his sister / wife had died in a horrible accident, he sought revenge on the one man he felt responsible for her death: Brad Majors (a source tells us that Brad Majors, high on cocaine, mugged and killed her for her diamond engagement ring).  No one seems to have heard from Cosmo since.
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