Something horrible has happened. Janet Weiss, also known in her later life as Janet Majors, has been added to the "missing person" list. She has left very little evidence behind to aide in finding her whereabouts. Below, you will find excepts from her personal diaries that she had kept over the years. This has been approved by her mother, Mrs. Emily Weiss, of Denton, and transcribed below by Donny O'Bryan. Mr. O'Bryan has been investigating the "Denton Affair" for several years now. The Denton Affair is a legend. It surrounds the statements made by Janet and her fiancé (at the time) Brad Majors, as well as the notable Dr. Everett Scott, in allegations that aliens from another planet abducted them. The Denton Affair has never been proven, but Mr. O'Bryan believes that the disappearance of Janet Majors recently only adds to the possibility that such an event did, indeed, happen, and that it may not have been over for Mrs. Majors, as the following diary excerpts will suggest. We hope you can read between the lines and find the missing clue that we are overlooking to help us find her.

Hello, my name is Emily Weiss, Janet's mother. Before you read the diary excerpts, I wanted to share some details about Janet. Look at this beautiful picture of Janet as a baby (above). Isn't she lovely?

This is Janet when she was very young (above). She always enjoyed school. Why, it was in school that she met her future husband, Brad Majors. They fell in love, became engaged, and eventually married.

One day, a few years after being married, Janet and Brad found themselves guests on a real life game show!  (above)  Oh, I was so excited! And check out that new look!  Isn't she striking as a brunette?  I know, I know. The camera doesn't do her justice. Why, with this new look, she doesn't even resemble the young woman I raised.
Then, as it happened, Janet experienced a brief moment of stardom as a rock singer!  (above)  I was so proud of her! Luckily, she came to her senses and gave that up, devoting time to work out the trouble in her marriage.

Well, that's all the photos I wish to display for you. Now on with the diary excerpts. Not all of her diary notes are written below. We've edited some of them for clarity. Be warned, some entries may seem shocking, as they involve alien abduction! Please, read them carefully. If, afterwards, you have any idea where I might be able to find my baby girl, please call me at the number set up for this emergency: 1-800-FIND-HER. And now, here's the diary notes:

Janet at the age of 5:
"Dear Diary, this is my first entry. Mom gave me this diary (after begging her for an entire month!) and I can hardly wait to fill it up. My brother, Henry, is anxious to read this when I'm done. I'm going to have to hide it carefully so he won't find it. This stuff is personal!"

One year later:
"Dear Diary, well, it's my 6th birthday. Mom gave me my very first purse. My brother Henry slipped it on his arm for size. He's such a girlie boy! I hope he doesn't end up like Uncle Jerry, who was caught wearing Aunt Frannie's dress at the picnic last year."

Two months later:
"Dear Diary, Henry's birthday was today. He got a toy flying saucer. He is into that (which is okay, because he is a boy, and he is 2 years older than me). He says that there are aliens out there. Sometimes I think he acts like an alien. He's so weird."

One year later:
"Dear Diary, now Henry's gone off the deep end. Last night, he said he saw a flying saucer. I knew mom shouldn't have given him that toy flying saucer last year. Now he's telling tales."

Two days later:
"Dear Diary, Henry and dad just got into an argument. Henry said the "aliens" came back last night to talk to him. He said they want to take him away forever. Dad called him a liar, and a day dreamer. Henry ran away, crying, saying it's true, and that dad didn't care. I think Henry's been sniffing glue."

Four months later (approximately):
"Dear Diary, Henry's back up to his crying wolf again. It's been four months since he has said anything about UFOs, and this morning he said that they returned. Henry told me not to tell mom or dad, but that they told him they would come back tonight and take him away forever. You know, as much as I love him, I wish he'd stop making up stories. Well, I gotta go to bed now. I'm real sleepy. Goodnight, Diary."

The next day:
"Diary, something horrible has happened! Henry has ran away from home. This morning, mom went to get him up for school and he wasn't in bed or even in his room! His bedroom window was wide open. He had left a note on his bed: Dear mom and dad, I know you don't believe me but tonight the martians are going to take me away.  Don't worry about me, I'll come back one day. And maybe I'll have a cure for some rare disease or something that I can offer the world when I return! Perhaps some kind of medicine to give dad that would make him stop farting all the time. Hey Janet, do me a favor. Don't forget I love you, and if I haven't returned by the time you're middle aged, start looking for me. I love you all, Henry.

I have to interrupt the diary notes for a second. There has been no proof that UFOs took my little boy away. It is my belief that he ran away, and never returned. Janet, however, felt responsible for not believing his story of UFOs and such, so she blamed herself for many years. She wept for most of her young childhood. She vowed to find him one day. Eventualy, however, she got over it. We all did. Henry never returned, and life moved on. Very seldom did we even bring his name up again. Harry (that's my husband) told me recently that Janet told him a few days before her disappearance that she was going to find him -- that she had an idea where he was. This was her first mention of her brother Henry in years. -- Oh, I'm sorry. Let's get back to the diary entries. The following entries are dated around late November, 1974, I believe. By this point, she had already finished High School.

"Went to the movies with Brad today. We saw a double feature at the Denton Cinema. It was a wonderful afternoon. However, the most bizarre thing happened at the theater. There was a man sitting behind us, and I swear to God, he was wearing women's underclothes. You know, fishnets, pumps, lingerie. He seemed really focused on the film. I wonder if Brad noticed him? How bizarre. Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am for Betty. Her wedding to Ralph is tomorrow morning, and I am happy for her! She and Ralph were meant for each other. Although, I don't know how Ralph can expect to support her, what with him working that low paying job at the television studio. But rumor has it, if he stays with the company long enough, he'll get a promotion! Maybe even an opportunity to host his own television show! Oh, what excitement they both must be having tonight. I'll tell you tomorrow how the wedding went."

The next day:
"Well, this is going to be short. I don't have much time. Ralph and Betty's wedding just ended about an hour or so ago. It was wonderful. Betty looked radiantly beautiful. Funny thing is, I can't help but think that the preacher looked really familiar. He somewhat reminded me of that cross dresser yesterday. Forgive me, I know that's sacrilegious to say about a preacher man. Oh!!! Oh, I'm running out of time! Brad is calling me to leave! Guess what diary! Brad just proposed to me! We're gonna get married!!! I'm so excited. We're getting ready to leave right now -- to Dr. Scott's cottage in the woods.  I'm sure he'll be thrilled! Okay, gotta go. Brad's honking his car horn. I wonder if I should bring my umbrella, it looks like it's gonna rain. Hmm, oh well. Bye for now!"

The next evening:
"Diary. If I seem gloomy, I have every right to be...after what happened overnight. I don't even know where to begin. On the way to Dr. Scott's, we got a flat tire, and we had to walk in pouring rain (I knew I should have brought an umbrella!) until we found a least it looked like a castle. It was actually a spaceship from outer space. I know I sound crazy, but it's true. (For a second there, I just remembered my brother Henry). The master of the castle was the same transvestite that I saw at the movie theater! (Although I only realized that a few minutes ago, long after the fact). His name is - was - Frank N. Furter. He was a scientist from another planet in another galaxy (Transexual, Transylvania). He had servants and a groupie, and...oh, the entire evening is a big blur!  On one hand I want to forget it, but on the other hand I want to remember it forever!  Last night, he - Frank, I mean - created life, a blonde man named Rocky. I know I'm engaged to Brad, but I ended up having sex with Rocky as well as Frank!  Oh the guilt I still feel. But then Frank's servant killed Frank, Rocky, and a young girl (still don't know if she's an alien or an earthling). Then he told us to leave because the spaceship was about to leave. We left, and watched as the castle lifted itself high into the air and vanished into the sky. (This happened early this morning, in the waking hours). Dressed in women's underclothes - a long story -- we went back to town and told the police. I'm at home now, it's almost bedtime, and I'm sleepy. Brad just left.  We are both very exhausted. I don't know how we can put our lives back together. I know the people in Denton don't believe what has happened, and many laugh behind our backs, calling us crazy. But fortunately, one man believes us. He's Denton's leading social scientist and criminologist, Judge Oliver Wright, who has promised that he will investigate our story over the next few days (he calls it the "Denton Affair". Whatever.)  I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed.  I can't help but look out at the twinkling stars and wonder what or who is out there. Goodnight, Diary"

The next two years of diary entries have been omitted. They talk about Brad and Janet getting married, and how she was pregnant (without Brad's knowledge). Then, supposedly, on their honeymoon night, they went to another planet: Transexual, where they almost died. Sounds interesting? Yes, indeed that story is. However, those details are already documented in another story that I've titled "Frankie Comes Again".  Now, back to the story.  We resume in mid-year, 1981, where Brad and Janet are married, but have some problems.

August, 1981:
"Dear diary, things are troublesome for Brad and I. Ever since the incident, things haven't been the same. It seems Brad is a weakling, and very quiet. I have to care for him all the time, and protect him. What happened to the Brad I used to know?  Perhaps tomorrow, when we spend the evening at Denton's television studio, we can relax, and afterwards, work out some problems in our marriage. I find it ironic that we've won two free passes to watch Marriage Maze live in the studio! I don't even remember requesting them. Hmm, someone must be thinking of me. Well, gotta go. Bye!"

Two days later:
"What can I say? My life is like a soap opera. Brad was committed after the "marriage maze" airing, because they found him mentally unstable. While this was happening, I became a (temporary) star.  But Brad and I escaped (another long story).  Someday, I'll tell you all about it. Right now, I'm exhausted, and I want to hit the sack.  Tomorrow, Brad and I (along with Oliver and Betty's help) have agreed to set out on a new journey. It's a secret. It deals with finding my baby...the one I gave up at birth.  Talk later."

I knew Janet was pregnant before she married Brad a several years back, but I promised to keep that secret. That proved difficult to keep from her father, but I did.  Once, Brad even asked Harry about that time period (when she was supposedly away with him - hint hint) but I quickly changed the subject.  After the baby was born, she gave it up.  So, you see, it surprises me to read in her diary (at this point) that she was suddenly on a mission to find it. Why? I don't know. But writer Donny O'Bryan has a theory...

I have been told by Judge Oliver Wright the story of Janet and Brad trying to find her baby. It's an interesting story, and like "Frankie Comes Again" it was documented in a story called "Shock Treatment 2000".  Now, back to the diary...

January, 1985:
"Diary, I cannot tell you the problems I am having in my life. Brad left me yesterday.  He said I was not the same woman he met back in high school. This doesn't surprise me. He and I have been having problems for several years now, and while at times it seemed like our marriage would last forever, the truth surfaced. It is over."

February, 1987:
"Diary, The divorce is final. Brad and I are no longer married. I feel somewhat lost, and definitely, unfocused in life. My father will not speak to me, and my mother has said very few words over the past year. I am about to lose my house because I cannot afford the payments. I feel like my job at the diner is not secure (my boss made a move on me last month). What is going to happen to my life?

From this point, if you want to know details about what happened to Brad and Janet, and their lives away from each other, you should read the interesting "script" that documented what happened. It is called "Revenge Of The Old Queen"   Now back to the diary...

Year 2000 (date unknown):
"Diary, my life is a living hell. What has happened? Where's Brad? Where's anybody? I have lived a long life, starting off as a mature, naive girl, who finally experienced life on a strange night in November of '74. I got married, because a television star, a singer, and even set out on some exciting adventures in my time. I've lived the last few years of my life as a prostitute, although mom has no idea. Times are tough. I have recently been looking to the stars again, thinking about my brother Henry. I know now that he is INDEED up there somewhere. And I plan tomorrow on finding him. I have contacted a good friend from the New Transexual planet, and with his help, I plan on leaving tomorrow to find him. I know my life hasn't ended up the best, but I feel that if I find him, I may be able to set things straight...if it's the last thing I do. This should be my last Diary entry. I love everyone in my life, but now I must go and find my brother.  Good-bye, Diary. Good-bye, Friends."

These were Janet's last known words.   Please, Janet. Come back home. We miss you.

The Shock Treatment Network has just recently discovered some possible clues about her whereabouts.  For details, click HERE!