The Shock Treatment Network received an email during it's second year on the internet from a fan named, simply, "Steve."  He had encountered a woman who, after reading Janet's diary, believed to be Janet Weiss-Majors.  Was it really Janet or some Jane Doe?  The woman found was confused, quiet, and seemed lost.  Steve nursed her back to health at home, and then contacted The Shock Treatment Network.  However, days later, the woman simply vanished again.  Conspiracy theories (sound far fetched?) point to FBI intervention--snatching the woman from under Steve's nose.  Below are the details as we know them...

    Like Elvis, countless of people have claimed to have seen Janet Majors over time.  The Shock Treatment Network posted the 1-800-number for anyone with clues to her whereabouts, and received hundreds of calls since.  All of them turned out false leads.  At one point, we even thought about contacting "Unsolved Mysteries" for their help.
    Then, in June 24, 2001, "Steve" emailed us.  Here is the transcript of that email:

    After I read your transcript of Janet's diary, I was fascinated... I haven't been able to get through with the number, as I keep getting a recorded message...but I have great news.
    Last week, I was hiking in the woods.  I heard someone sobbing, and thinking that it was a little kid in danger, I followed the sound.  I came across a dark haired woman laying in the dirt.  All the trees above her were burnt in a perfect square, like something had took off from where she was... Thinking that I had seen her before, I asked her her name.  She looked at me deeply, and said  in a quiet voice, "My name is Janet Majors."  I told her to follow me home, and she has been at my house all week.  I've been trying to get through with the phone number with no luck, and then, once I had access to the Internet, I emailed you.  Tell Emily that I have found her daughter, and that I'll use my allowance to pay for Janet's ride home... Ohio is only one state away, so tell her that Janet will be returning to Denton soon...

    Needless to say, we were very excited to receive this email.  The following is The Shock Treatment Network's response to his email:

    This is truly fascinating news, assuming it checks out.  After the information was posted on the web, there seemed to be a lot of "wannabes" out there.  In total, 14 women claiming they were the one and only JANET (only 3 of those which matched her age correctly.  Heck, one of the three was an oriental woman).  36 phone calls claimed they have "seen" the missing JANET in various locations (mostly grocery stores, drug stores, and one at Best Buy).  One phone call from a woman who claimed that she was transmitting us from another planet in a faraway galaxy.  In the first year alone, since posting the information on the website, the phone number given out received 157 calls with no genuine leads.  The sheer amount of calls short circuited the phone line there, and the number has not been acting correctly since.  However, your email is the first that has actually suggested that she has been found and being kept alive.  There is no need to offer us further proof.  As we speak, undercover agents who are investigating the matter will visit you.  They will not identify themselves. They will appear as ordinary people you pass on the street.  They will watch you and your home when you do not know it.  Do not be alarmed--this is their job.  After a week of surveillance (most of which will be handled while you are not home and while you sleep) they will leave you never to come around you again.  They will make determinations based on what they uncover.  Of course, you may understand, the allegations of UFOs are frightening to the common folk, therefore, the "powers that be" will most likely "hide the facts" and cover the truth.  Very X-files, you understand. If your story is true, you should be proud, as you have searched your country in a small way -- even though it will never be revealed in the future.  In fact, our emails regarding this will mysteriously vanish over time.  Personally, I believe you have the genuine woman in question inside your home.  I'll inform her mother of the chance that this is indeed Janet, and keep her posted on updates.  Many thank yous, my friend, and I'll be looking forward to future emails with you.

Sincerely, Donny.
Donny O'Bryan Founder of S.H.O.C.K. T.R.E.A.T.M.E.N.T.
(Somebody Help Our Children Keep The Reality Everytime A Troubled Mother Encounters New Turmoil)

    And, of course, Steve emailed us again:

    I am definately sure that she is the one true Janet...although aged, she looked almost exactly like the picture on your site from "Marriage Maze". Having that particular episode on tape, I asked her particular questions about her appearance on the show, and all were correct... she also revealed to me more information about the night at the castle...when she and the others were turned to stone, she could still see and hear what was going on around her, but, obviously, could not move.  While being dressed for the Floor Show, she overheard Frank say that he left remnants of a liquid LSD in Brad's glass, so when Brad drank out of it, he would be drugged shortly.  She's not sure, but perhaps Frank wanted to finish his aborted attempt to seduce Brad if the guests were sent back to their rooms.  Also, she said that the statues were photographed, and that Frank planned to put the photos next to his bed, or use them as blackmail.  She started to tear up more and more at every mention of Frank, and seems to be in a horrific state of mental instability.  At night she cries for Brad (does she know that he died?  Oh, that fateful tightrope act....) and, while she's sleeping, sobs "No... no Rocky...I won't tell them...they needn't know...." just like Frank.  Also, she seems extremely afraid of cages, probably because of Brad's imprisoned-like state at Dentonvale.  Feeling very light headed yesterday, I took her out for a walk, and we passed a row of trash cans in front of someone's house.  In a lid-less trash can was a bent, rusty, round bird cage, and upon seeing it, she immediately started to panic.  I wish there was something I could do for her..luckily my parents are away...I wish there was a way I could help her.

    And we emailed him back:

    Thanks for your message.  I just received a call that they have removed Janet from your home and you didn't even know it.  I am sure as you read this, Janet is no longer there.  They snuck in tonight and removed her when you were not looking.  If you haven't discovered this yet, go and check right now.  I'll wait....
    ....see, I told you.  These guys are not fooling around.  Of course there will be a big cover up.  I will post this new information on my website, crediting you, if you wish.  Many thanks and Emily wishes to extend her heartfelt thanks to you as well.  Her daughter has returned home.  I'm not sure what drugs these guys have given her, as I am told she only sits and stares at the walls.  Every once in a while, as though a voice in her talks to her, she suddenly smiles, but only for a second or two, before returning to a blank stare.  NO NEED TO WORRY.  She will receive help and one day soon she will be back to her old self.
    One question though: you mentioned Brad died from a tightrope act? Where did you hear this information?
    Goodbye for now...Donny.

    And finally, Steve emailed us one last time for a final update.

    I popped out for a bike ride just a while ago, and when I came back she was gone!  I noticed some strange men approaching my house, but didn't think to bother them.  I heard that Brad died from a story that Riff Raff had written, entitled "Revenge of the Old Queen." Yes, apparently he wrote it as an attack on that Richard O'Brien guy for stealing the Rocky story (or so he claims).