(Kansas City, MO - USA)

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1.  Gender: Male
2.  Age: 37 (as of 1-27-2002)
3.  Country, City, State: Kansas City, MO (USA)
4.  Are you more of a Rocky Collector including Shock Treatment, or more of a Shock Treatment Collector? I'm more of a Shock Treatment collector, however, it used to be the other way around.
5.  What Shock Treatment items are you most proud of owning?The 35mm trailer.
6.  What Shock Treatment items do you have duplicates of? The common USA release video (sealed) and the bootleg CDR "Special Edition" (sealed).  A folded poster, too.  Oh, and I also have an extra Beta video format. And who knows how many extra soundtracks on vinyl record...
7.  What Shock Treatment items are you missing that you desperately are trying to get a hold of? The 35 and 16 millimeter film prints of course, promotional items such as shirts, tote bag, etc.
8.  How long have you been collecting Shock Treatment items?Originally back in '82 or '83 when I first got the soundtrack, but as a collecter about 3 1/2 years.
9.  What are your other hobbies or interests? Madonna, Rocky Horror, piano, writing
10.  Tell us a little about yourself.  I am the creater of The Shock Treatment Network website.  For more information, see the section called "About me" on the main page.
11.  What links Shock or Rocky related do you like most?My alltime favorite is the FAQ site created by Jason Allen Pfaff.  I am also a fan of Ruth's site, especially the anal-retentive costume list page.
12.  Do you have a website of your own? If so, what is the URL address (link)? You're visiting it.
13.  Who's your favorite Shock Treatment character? Oooh, tough one.  I guess Brad.  And Cosmo cracks me up a lot!
14.  What's your favorite Shock Treatment song? I enjoy Lullaby (haunting melody) and Carte Blanche (overlooked).
15.  Which movie do you like better, Shock Treatment or Rocky Horror?  Rocky Horror made me who I am today, but currently I'm obsessed with Shock Treatment much more.

COLLECTION INFORMATION (Things this person has in their collection)

1.  US Release, vinyl soundtrack, stickered promo.  Value: $15
2.  US Release, CD sountrack.  Value: $15
3.  12" single.  Value: $10
4.  US Release, 7" black vinyl single.  Value: $6
5.  Aust. Release, 7" red vinyl single, non-picture sleeve.  Value: $11
6.  1-Sheet folded US poster.  Value: $18
7.  35mm Trailer.  Value: $100
8.  Beta video.  Value: $15
9.  Original VHS release.  Value: $15
10.  1993 VHS release.  Value: $13
11.  Laser Disc, Japan.  Value: $50
12.  8x10 Lobby cards.  Value: $20
13.  US Promotional Bumper Sticker.  Value: $8
14.  Theater promo button.  Value: $8
15.  Transylvanian magazine.  Value: $10
16.  Questar Magazine.  Value: $8
17.  Prevue Magazine.  Value: $8
18.  Cinefantastique Magazine.  Value: $10
19.  Fangoria Magazine.  Value: $15
20.  Fantastic Films Magazine.  Value: $10
21.  Omni Magazine.  Value: $8
22.  Creatures Of The Night book.  Value: $10
23.  Creatures Of The Night II book.  Value: $10
24.  Bootleg: ST, The Remixes CD.  Value: $15
25.  Bootleg: ST, The Remix Singles, complete set.  Value: $20
26.  Bootleg: ST, Special Edition.  Value: $15
27.  Bootleg: ST, Double Feature.  Value: $30
28.  6 film cells.  Value: $6
29.  Songs From The Vault, CD (w/ RHPS box set).  Value: $60
30.  Absolute O'Brien CD.  Value: $15
31.  Absolute O'Brien poster.  Value: $5
32.  Cliff DeYoung Self-titled LP.  Value: $35
33.-36.  First 4 Jessica Harper CDs.  Value: $60
37.  Jessica Harper book.  Value: $15
38.-42.  All Little Nell singles.  Value: $65
43.  CD by Lukeski.  Value: $10
44.  Italian soundtrack pressing on vinyl
45.  Canadian sountrack pressing on vinyl
46.  Vinyl soundtrack, gold stamp promo
47.  Vinyl soundtrack, silver stamp promo
48-50.  All 3 Pal video formats.
51.  Italian PAL format video
52.  Soundtrack cassette
53.  T-shirt promotional shirt
54.  Cliff DeYoung Soundtrack "Sunshine"
55.  Cliff DeYoung 7" single "Sunshine"
56.  Jessica Harper's 5th CD "Inside Out"
57.  Autograph: Sinita Renet
58.  Autographed Richard O'Brien "Absolute" Poster
59.  Jessica Harper's 2nd book
60.  Rare Little Nell 12" single
61.-75.  Various Sinitta Renet singles and albums
76.  12" Single "Go 'Head"
77.-107.  Various videos that feature Shock Treatment actors (not copies)
108.  Soundtrack, CD, promo stamped
109.  The 11x14 Lobby card set (complete)
110.  Australian Daybill poster
111.  Insert Poster
112.  Folded Theatrical Poster
113.  A full 35 mm print of "Water" with 2 Shock Treatment stars.


113 items (as of 1-27-2002), valued at unknown amount (previously at $750 aprox. for 43 items)