This section is devoted to products that are NOT available.  In fact, they've never been made or produced.  They are our dreams of products we would LOVE to see manufactured.  Here are ones that I've come up with.  If you would like to add to this list, please email me at madonny@hotmail.com and I'll gladly add your ideas.

DOLLS - Wouldn't it be great to have dolls for each character, including a complete wardrobe set?

PLAYSET STUDIO - Hey, if you're gonna make dolls, give them a studio to act out in.

SHEET MUSIC BOOK - This is a high request from Shock Treatment fans.  You can easily find the music book for Rocky Horror, but never Shock Treatment.  If ever made, you'd be able to play your favorite tunes on piano!

THE SHOCK TREATMENT MOVIE NOVEL - They made one for Rocky, so why not Shock Treatment?

THE SHOCK TREATMENT BOOK - Again, they made one for Rocky, so why not Shock Treatment?  Sure, it wouldn't be as thick as the other, but we still want it.  Many RHPS fans call their RHPS book the Rocky Horror "bible".  I, for one, would love to have a Shock Treatment bible as well.

INSTRUMENTAL SOUNDTRACK - Just like the "You Sing It" Karaoke CD they made for Rocky.

SHOCK TREATMENT TRIBUTE CD - Famous music artists recording updated versions in a fab tribute.

VIDEO OF SHOCK TREATMENT ON WIDESCREEN (LETTERBOX) FORMAT - Another cool option for those of us who like this type of format.

THE MAKING OF SHOCK TREATMENT VIDEO - Need I explain this one?  Throw it on, if you have to, to an anniversary release of the film.

SHOCK TREATMENT ON DVD - The "extra" stuff featured is what I'd be looking forward to!

COSMO EYE-GLASSES - Great novelty item!

ROCKY HORROR TREATMENT - A extra "goodie" thrown on to the "making of" -- what a fun documentary that would be in! (Submitted by Ruth Fink-Winter)

SHOCK TREATMENT ON VIDEO WITH CLOSED CAPTIONS - The advantage (besides allowing the deaf community to enjoy our film) would be that we can see actual words printed out, allowing us to know for sure certain dialogue that may be difficult to tell what they're saying.