"Bit" Drummer

Bit Drummer


Name: unknown.  He is the drummer in Oscar Drill's band.  His favorite word: "yeah."  (Source: Shock Treatment)


The "Bit" drummer and his bandmates left the Denton Studio, riding on the hood and trunk of Brad's new convertible.  However, just outside Denton, Brad made a sharp turn, and Oscar Drill and the Bits fell off the car into the road.  The "Bit" drummer was killed instantly by an oncoming semi.  He was buried in the cemetary outside of the Denton Episcopal Church, a few days later.  However, in the fall of 1984, in the middle of a dark and rainy night, someone (unknown) crept into the cemetery and dug the casket free.  His body was reported missing the following morning.  Nobody knows what happened to it, however, police found one piece of evidence lying in the grass near the gravesite: a matchbook for a strip club in New York City.  His body is missing to this day.
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