Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss


Emily Weiss is Janet's mother.  She loves to sew.  She loves coffee.  She loves window shopping.  She babies her daughter too much.  Overly excited when she wins games.  The perfect TV mom.  Cannot read medicine labels that recommend the propper amount of dosage.  Yearns to be an nurse.  Her favorite TV show is Dentonvale.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After things settled down in Denton, Emily started a Women's Card Playing Night, where Denton ladies would meet and play bridge and other games.  However, everytime Emily won (which was quite often), she jumped up screaming joyfully, "I won!  I won!" and after several weeks of this, nobody wanted to play anymore.  She held the spot as champion on the weekly game show 30-second quiz for many years.  Became obsessed with watching soap operas and game shows on television.  Her husband (now ex-) said that she started ignoring him, keeping her nose glued to the set.  She would often shove junk food in her face and watch TV at the same time.  By 1997, she weighed 275 pounds.  During the 1997 temporary blackout in Denton, she started crying because her TV wouldn't come on.  After a few minutes of crying, she looked around the room and realized that her husband had moved out of the house, but she wasn't sure when.  Before she could remember when was the last time she spoke to him, the electricity came back on, and she was once again happy.  In 1999, she received a phone call from a television producer that said he wanted to her be a contestant on his new GAME show if she'd fly to New York, courtesy of the show.  She agreed, joyfully, and packed her bags and went there.  Unfortunately, the phone call was a lie...a set up.  There never was a game show.  It seems to be a kidnapping, and she's never been heard from since.
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