This is something fun I came up with one day, when I realized that there were different kind of Rocky Horror fans out there.  That list was easy enough, so I figured I'd give it a try with Shock Treatment.  Here goes both films and their fan types, although some fans cross over to more than one "type".
First Rocky Horror (because it was made first) and then Shock Treatment.
THE "I LOVE THAT MOVIE" FAN WHO ONLY SAW IT "YEARS AGO"  - This one cracks me up.  I'll mention Rocky Horror to someone that I just met or don't know very well, and they say "Rocky Horror?  I love that movie!"  Really...  They generally follow it up with "I saw that years ago."  Guess you didn't love it that much, or you'd still be going...

THE "I USED TO GO TO ROCKY HORROR ALL THE TIME" FAN (#1) - This fan is saying that he or she used to go on a regular basis (like yourself) locally, but has since stopped.  This fan is in two sub-catagories, in which I'm calling this one: #1.  Where he says he went, you even remember him or her going, so he tells the truth.

THE "I USED TO GO TO ROCKY HORROR ALL THE TIME" FAN (#2) - Same as last one, but this time, you find yourself thinking, "Really... Funny I don't remember you..."  You walk away thinking, "You liar..."

THE "I REMEMBER GOING TO ROCKY HORROR YEARS AGO.  DO THEY STILL DO ALL THAT STUFF?"  FAN - This one cracks me up as well.  Do we still yell, throw props, dress up, act?  Apparently you didn't go enough and don't understand how Rocky succeeds year after year.

THE "I REMEMBER ROCKY HORROR.  DO THEY STILL THROW TOMATOES?" FAN - Tomatoes?  What planet are you from?  This fan most likely never went before and is trying to impress someone by making up props thrown.

THE COLLECTOR - This fan collects merchandise, most like from the beginning, for Rocky Horror.  His collection far exceeds the average Rocky Horror regular.  He or she may have related collections like Meatloaf, Shock Treatment, etc, regardless of whether he likes them or not.

THE ACTOR - These fans love to go to Rocky for their recognition as a member of the acting cast.  Generally, there's a burn out period as they switch and become a different kind of Rocky fan from this list.  There are some, however, that stay loyal.

THE SHOUTER - These fans go to Rocky for one purpose: the shoutlines  and the audience response / recognition from their shoutlines.  These fans usually sit together in a clique.  They often are very loud.

THE LUSTER - While these fans may enjoy Rocky Horror, they mainly go to lust after one particular regular.  They either sit and watch, rather shy, or they eventually become friends with them.

THE LOUNGE LIZZARDS - These so-called fans go only sit see their friends.  While some of these fans stay in the theater to see their friends, the vast majority of these type of fans sit in the lobby socializing, or in the parking lot.

THE SHOW UP EVER SO OFTEN FAN - These fans pop up ever so often just to see who's still going.  They may or not buy a ticket to enter the theater.

THE NO TICKET BUYING SOCIALIZER - The lowest on the ladder.  They go to Rocky, generally never as far as the parking lot and front of theater building to socialize.  They seldom buy a ticket to see it (thus supporting Rocky financially).  They're only there to socialize with others.

THE SHOCK TREATMENT IS BETTER THAN ROCKY HORROR FAN - Top of the list fan.  Most likely enjoyed Rocky Horror at one time, but has since tired of it and finds Shock Treatment to be superior.  They like everything about it: the story, characters, script, actors, merchandise, songs.

THE SHOCK TREATMENT COLLECTOR AND FAN - This is the fan of the film who also collects majorly.  They often fit into the first category as well.

THE SHOCK TREATMENT COLLECTOR BUT NOT A FAN - Fits more into the Rocky fan type who collects everything.  This fan has collected Shock Treatment stuff because of its relationship to Rocky, but as a rule, doesn't care much for the film, or at least not as much as Rocky.

THE I LIKE THEM EQUALLY FAN - Claims to like both films equally, but this fan is very rare.

THE I LIKE THE SHOCK TREATMENT SOUNDTRACK BETTER THAN ROCKY'S FAN - This fan may or may not enjoy the movie, but he or she thinks the soundtrack for Shock Treatment is far better than Rocky horror's.

THE GOTTA MAKE IT WORK FAN - This fan thinks Shock Treatment is the best movie of all time, or at least up there in the top five.  His or her goal is to get it playing at their theater, and to find ways to make it successful: acting, shoutlines, etc...  This fan often fits the first type of Shock Treatment fan listed, as well.

THE ACTOR - Those actors who want that spotlight.  Often they do it just because it's a break from acting Rocky Horror, but eventually, some of those actors find the new Shock Treatment character pretty cool, and grow a new found appreciation for it.

THE LINE SHOUTER - The fan who says the only way to make Shock Treatment successful is by shouting lines and throwing props.  They are usually creative.

THE ANTI-LINE SHOUTER - Those fans who think making it an Audience Participation film is a horrible idea.

THE MOVIE IS GOOD BY ITSELF FAN - I have a deep respect for these fans.  They like the movie for what it is.  No need for audience participation or acting.  They've watched the video, and enjoy it all by itself, without the aid of fanatics.  They may even have found fun in particular characters where others found them boring.

THE "I LIKE THE SONGS BUT NOT THE MOVIE" FAN - This fan annoys me.  But I guess, their on the right path, right?

THE WHINER - The Rocky Horror fans who whine about how it's not like Rocky Horror.  "Where's Frank?  Where's the sex?"  Blah blah blah...

THE CONFORMIST - This fan goes along with whatever their friends say.  Most likely, it's "Shock Treatment SUCKS!" without even staying through the entire showing of the film.

and finally, there's the bottom of the ladder:

THE "I CAN'T STAND SHOCK TREATMENT" PERSON - This person is often a Rocky Horror fan only.  They despise Shock Treatment.

And so concludes the list of Shock Treatment fans...

If you have a comment or would like to add a fan type to this list, email me at: madonny@hotmail.com