Farley Flavors



Was adopted at birth (as was his twin brother) after his parents died.  He was adopted by parents downtown (his brother Brad by parents uptown).  Farley  grew up poor, while Brad did not.  Farley had a tough, deprived childhood (thus the scars on his face).  Farley built up his fortune out of nothing (thus the "success story").  Farley resented Brad because Brad is the one who had it easy -- Janet represents all the things Brad had that Farley didn't.  Farley became sinister, void of compassion to others.  He ended up wealthy and spoiled.  Enjoys smoking guitars.  Bought the local television studio and set out on an evil plan to destroy his twin brother's life.  His plan failed and his brother escaped.  (Source: Shock Treatment) (Thanks to Arthur Levesque for a recent correct here)


Farley and his large group of insane worshipers set out across the country to find his brother.  Farley came close to losing his mind as well, ready to wear a straight jacket like his followers.  In a last effort to save his sanity, he turned to religion becoming a television evangelist.  He was very popular in several cities until they found him in a hotel room with a prostitute named "Jane" who looked an awful lot like Janet Majors.  He said to reporters that he was merely "ridding this whore from her sinful life."  Nobody believed him.  He became a laughing stock, and ended up selling donuts at a small donut shop in New York City.  He never found his twin brother.
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