The Trailridge Theater played Shock Treatment as a double feature with Rocky Horror on Friday and Saturday evening, September 25 & 26, 1998. The acting cast from Chicago (Midnight Madness) came to the theater to act out Shock Treatment for us. Rocky Horror played at 11:15, and Shock Treatment played at 1:15 (both nights).

Before this anticipated weekend, our average ticket sales for Rocky Horror alone were as follows:

Friday: 50 to 80
Saturday: 60 to 90

The Double Feature Weekend of Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment was pretty successful. Tickets were sold only as a
COMBO ticket through the start of Shock Treatment, at which time single tickets for Shock Treatment only were sold. That
weekend's ticket sales (based on combo tickets and single tickets) were as follows:

ROCKY HORROR: 86 tickets sold
SHOCK TREATMENT: 96 tickets sold
ROCKY HORROR: 114 tickets sold
SHOCK TREATMENT: 129 tickets sold

What makes these figures so interesting is that 1) Ticket sales were increased compared to our average sales, and 2) Shock Treatment increased it's ticket sales on Saturday (which is unusal: Shock Treatment usually loses it's ticket sales on the second day)


The cast performance from Chicago was wonderful! Their costumes were detailed, and their choreography finetuned. They adapted well to a different theater than they were used to. Photos of their performance are displayed at the bottom of this page. Upon leaving the theater, several patrons were asked of their opinion. Most people were very happy. Said one, "Shock Treatment rocks. I'd never seen it before." Another said, "I'd never even heard of Shock Treatment before, and it kicked ass. I liked it so much better. At Rocky, everyone is crowding their lines into unintelligable nothingness, but Shock Treatment was perfectly paced with audience participation. I can't wait to download the audience participation script to learn more." Said another, "The cast was awesome! Will they be here next week?"

The following weekend, October 3 & 4, our theater played it again. This time, it was not a double feature. It was played side by side with Rocky Horror (RHPS in one room, ST in another). This was a very bad idea. Fans can't support both films at the same time. The cast, and fan club members became divided and it was difficult to make either film successful. So in the weeks to come, Rocky showed on Fridays while Shock showed on Saturdays, with the exception of Halloween, in which it was reversed (Halloween fell on Saturday).


As pointed out, fans were divided on which to see. Friday night, more tickets sold for Rocky than Shock Treatment
(about 45 verses 20) but only 5 people watched Rocky. They all went to see Shock Treatment. Saturday, however, It
proved that fans need their Rocky fix. The tickets were the same (about 40 for Rocky and 24 for Shock Treatment),
but this time, most people were in Rocky Horror. As for the acting, the regular KC actors were divided. In Shock
Treatment, the following actors did their best, and many had costumes: Joy, Chris, Chris, Donny, Chuck, Bryan,
Scott, Jessica, Shannon, and Todd. Many of us doubled up on characters.

(Thanks once again to the Chicago Midnight Madness cast!)

Our posters displayed in the lobby of the theater (above)

"Setting up" for Shock Treatment (above)

The showtimes "display board" inside the theater's lobby (above)

Our marque' outside the theater (above)

A great performance from the Chicago cast (above, with audience)

People in line to buy tickets for Shock Treatement (above)

Our two programs for the evening's events. If you would like to see a close up of our program covers, click which one you'd like to see in full color: RHPS or ST.
For pictures of the Midnight Madness Cast as they acted out Shock Treatment on our opening weekend, click HERE.