Floor Manager

Floor Manager


Hangs out in the men's circles, joking with them about women.  General man in charge of the show (outside of his boss, Farley, that is).  In charge of waking audience members who fall asleep.  No apparent personality except that of a man's man.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After the DTV studio insodent, this floor manager was surprised to find 2 government agents at his front door, ready to arrest him, as he was secretly an illegal alien from Mexico.  He was jailed for 2 months before someone unknown helped him escape.  He was never found.  However, his sister, Maria Consuelo Martinez, said she has heard from him recently, in a long distance call from New York City.  He said he was in a lot of trouble, and that he might be dead within a week.  Suddenly, she recalls, the phone went dead.  Telephone records report that the call was made from a New York City donut shop payphone.
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