Francine (a/k/a "Frankie")

Frankie (a/k/a Francine)


Francine, who prefers to be called Frankie, for short, is a backup singer in Oscar Drill's band.  She is also a cheerleader.  Can give excellant advice on fashion (i.e. telling Janet "Your clothes are real neat").  Is also a ballerina.  Admires Janet's superstardom.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After the DTV studio incident, Frankie and the rest of the band fled Denton, ending up living together in a nearby trailer park.  During their short stay there, she developed a love interest in bandmember Glish Davidson.  They both left the trailer to live on their own.  They now live in New Jersey and both attend therapy to deal with people mispronouncing their name.  She got a job as a high school gym teacher, coaching over the cheerleading squad.  They are both happy for the most part and, from what has been reported, have had no contact with the remaining band members................YET.
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