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When you email me, answer the following 4 survey questions:

1.  How often do you frequent this site?
2.  What is your favorite feature(s) on this site?
3.  Are you a Shock Treatment "collector"?
4.  What's Your Favorite Shock Treatment song?

Get a FREE CD (for track listings, click HERE or on the image of Cosmo below) when you join the "Regular Farley Fan Club" by emailing me at theshocktreatmentnetwork_contact@hotmail.com and answering the questions above.  Get a freind to join once you're a member and you'll receive a second CD for free (providing your friends credits you for getting them to join).

To see images of the CD and second CD, click HERE.

Besides a membership number and Email notification of site updates, you'll get items every year you're a member.


GET A FRIEND TO JOIN: A 2nd Compact Disc (different than first)
Your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY DATE: A "Double" Compact Disc (different than others)
Your TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY: A Video compilation (NTSC VHS format) of clips from movies with Shock Treatment actors in them.
Your THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: A CD, A Video, and a T-Shirt iron on transfer
Your FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY: 2 CDs, A Video, and a poster
Your FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Professionally produced box set
AFTER THAT: You will be featured on the site prominately, a page devoted entirely to you.