Getting your favorite (or second favorite) cult film Shock Treatment to play at your theater can be difficult.  According to a 20th Century Fox representative (a contact when our theater wanted to "book" Shock Treatment to play): There are only 3 remaining prints in the United States.  He had no information about overseas.  Apparently, these 3 prints get shuffled from city to city when they are requested - and at a costly shipping fee (UPS) to your theater if it's far away. And this means only 3 theaters can show it on Halloween, and they usually get booked as late as 2 months in advance (so waiting until the last minute could be disappointing).

First, as a group/fan club, decide if you really want it.  There are plenty of headaches to come with it (see the page in this website devoted to "making it successful"), and how long you want to play it (one night or weekend, or a goal of a set number of weekends).

Next comes convincing your theater manager.  This could be difficult.  He's in it for the money.  Keep that in mind when talking to him.  Tell him your goals and what efforts you will do to make it successful (i.e. promoting, acting, audience participation).  If necessary, offer to pay or share for the cost of shiping the print to your city.  VERY IMPORTANT: As stated in the "making it successful" section, allow yourself at least 2 months before the day it plays to practice and promote.  If you convince your theater manager to play it, and it plays 2 weeks from then, it might not be very successful, and he might not be so easy to convince again when you want it played in the future.

That's about it.  Be sure to promote it well, and follow the "making it successful" guidelines.  Good luck!