Glish Davidson ("Bit" Guitarist)

Glish Davidson, the Bit Guitarist


His name is Glish Davidson (not "Glitch").  He loves playing guitar.  He is the guitarist for Oscar Drill's band.  Always happy.  Loves white clothes (as in the color, not the race).  Loves under the counter illegal drugs, understanding which ones will make you feel good.  His favorite word: "yeah."  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Glish and his bandmates left the Denton Studio, riding on the hood and trunk of Brad's new convertible.  However, just outside Denton, Brad made a sharp turn, and Oscar Drill and the Bits fell off the car into the road.  One bandmember was killed instantly by an oncoming vehicle.  Glish, however, survived with the rest.  The remaining band members walked down the road until they got to the next town, a small town dominated by a large trailer park.  They sold their instruments and rented a small trailer, living there for about 2 months before they started to get on each other's nerves from bickering and fighting.  During this period, Glish and Francine started dating.  The two of them moved out of the trailer and moved to New....Jersey.  They still live there today...happily.  Glish attends therapy twice a month to deal with people mispronouncing his first name.
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