Shock Treatment



ABOMINATION - Something loathed, detested
AKIMBO - adj. or adv. -- having the hand on the hip and the elbow turned outward (reference: Webster New American Dictionary)  Comfortable.
ALLIANCE - A union to promote common interests.
ANSALONG - Nurse Ansalong, Female nurse on Cosmo's staff.
ANTHEM - a song of praise; a theme song.
ASININE - Stupid, foolish, an ass.
ASPIRE - to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal.
AUDIENCE - Plays an important part in the storyline.  They seem to have forgotten that there is a world outside of the television studio as they practically live in the studio.


BALLS - Slang for courage.
BLIND ALLEY CRUISER - Slang: One who lives life with no regards to others.
BOX CLEVER - Used in song as a way to box (as in the sport).
BRAD AND JANET SHOW - Script Cosmo and Nation read at the table, given by Farley.
BREAKFAST SHOW - One of the three show names used when Janet sings "Me Of Me."
BROGUES - Type of shoe.


CARTE BLANCHE - Unlimited, unrestricted freedom
CARTE BLANCHE (LYRICS) - "Carte Blanche is like an avolanche, it kind of snowballs and sets you free."  Snowball effect: when things get out of control and unstoppable.
CHARACTER ACTORS - Typecasted actors who always portray the same type of characters.
CIVIC PRIDE / DUTY - Civic pride is being proud of your city; civic duty means being a responsible citizen.
CORDON BLEU - 1. Blue ribbon given to French Master chefs  2. Combination of good things. (Reference: Webster New American Dictionary)
CREME DE LA CREME MODES - Department store in downtown Denton, selling the finest clothes.  Provided Janet's Faith Factory outfit.  Store display seen inside Macy's "N" during "Denton USA."
CRONES - Slang for hags, peasants.
CUL DE SAC - Road that comes to an end, but the end is circular is shape for easy turn around.
CYNIC - One who attributes all actions to selfish motives.


DANUBE - A famous river in Austria.  Bert suggests that people should be taken there to be shot at dawn.
DAVISON, GLISH - African American guitarist for Oscar's band.  Often has his first and last name misspelled and mispronounced.
DD 4711 - Microfilm file number when Betty looks for information.  DD stands for Denton Daily (the newspaper name).  Coincidentally (or intentionally?) it happens to be the same number which is tattooed on Dr. Frank N. Furter's leg (Rocky Horror).
DELEGATION - Team of leaders.
DENTON - Town (city) where Brad and Janet live and studio exists.  Referred to as Denton, USA instead of specifying a particular state (such as Colorado, etc).
DENTON DAILY - One of two existing newspapers in Denton.  The other is the Plain Dealer (Rocky Horror).
DENTONVALE - Popular soap opera / hospital series on television.  Main stars Cosmo and Nation McKinley.
DENTONVALE: THE ARRIVAL - Episode of Dentonvale where Janet has Brad committed.
DENTONVALE: THE MISSION OF MERCY - Episode of Dentonvale where Janet peeps in on Brad in his cage to tell him how fabulous she is.
DENTONVALE: PARENTAL PREDICAMENT - Episode of Dentonvale where Janet's parents try to figure out what to wear, while visiting Brad.
DEPILATATOR - A device used for hair removal.  The depilatator shown in the film is a chemical-impregnated sheet to remove hair from your legs.
"DOES THIS BIRD BELONG TO YOU?" - The reason Betty panics when Vance Parker asks this (holding a dead bird) is because of the poem that she had just read, which features the death of a bird to represent impending doom.
DOSSIER - Detailed records on a person or subject.
DRAKE - Originally meant a male duck; slang for dominant one.
DRILL, BRENDA - Oscar's sister.  She's a bandmember, a cheerleader and a ballerina.
DRILL, MRS. - Oscar and Brenda's mother.  Cheers them on excessively during their song.
DRILL, OSCAR - Lead singer of the band.
DTV - Stands for Denton Television (studio)


EINER KLEINER HERREN - German for "a little boy".  Correctly, it should be "Einer Kleiner Herr" (not "Herren").  The reason the -en was added to this word is most likely so it would rhyme with the lyric "...for which I am most carin'."
EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE - Crippled in the mind, weak.
EMOTIVE - Strongly expressed.
ENDORSE - To finance, represent.
"EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT" - Interesting that Janet calms Brad's fears in the opening song with this line because it shows she has the strength and he has the weakness.  In Rocky Horror, it was the other way around, and Brad calmed Janet's fears with the exact same line.
EXQUISITE - Marked by flawless form; pleasingly beautiful.


FAITH FACTORY SHOW - Television program where Farley finally speaks to the world.
FAST - Quick paced, hurried.
FIRST OFFENDER - First time accused of a wrong doing.
FLAVORS, FARLEY - Sponser of Cosmo's research, and DTV's new owner.  Also Brad's twin brother.
FLOOR MANAGER - His job entales making sure everything is run smoothly in the television studio.
FRANCINE (FRANKIE) - African American female who sings and dances in Oscar's band.  She's also a cheerleader and ballerina.
FREDERICKS (BOOK) - Book, as in catalogue, for the lingeree store "Fredericks Of Hollywood."


GOODY TWO SHOES - Slang for someone who never does anything wrong, or is without any sinful or bad habits; straightlaced.
"GOOD LUCK, HONEY" - Often misquoted comment Harry says to Emily during the opening overture.
GOOD MORNING DENTON (PROGRAM) - One of the three show names used when Janet sings "Me Of Me."
GRAVE - Important
GUISE - A form or style of dress, costume; external appearance.


HAPPY HOMES - Television Program featuring many product placements, with intention (but not necessarily successfully done) portray the perfect home and family life.
HAPSCHATT, BETTY - Bride in Rocky Horror, ex-wife now.  Host of Denton Dossier.
HAPSCHATT, RALPH - Groom in Rocky Horror, ex-husband now.  Anchorman now.
HOME OF HAPPINESS - The motto for the town of Denton.  Popular billboard expression.
HOOPLAH - Extravagant exclaimation, often used for presentation.


ID - The subconcious mind.
IDLE, KIRK - Sells coffee on the set at a coffee stand.
IKE - Nickname for U.S. President Eisenhouser.
IMPERATIVE - Extremely important and necessary.
INAUGURATE - To mark a beginning.
INCONTROVERTIBLY - Not open to question.
INFANTILE REGRESSION - When an adult behaves in childlike manners.
INTERN - A nurse who is still in medical school.


JE CROIRAI EN TOUJOURS EN MOI - French for "I always believe in me."


KIRK'S (KOFFEE) KORNER - Coffe Stand where Kirk sells coffee in the studio.


LAPPSY, IRWIN - President of Lappsy autos.  Name is often mispelled.  Socially, not respected.  Used car salesman.
LEAP IN THE DARK - Blind joke connected to Vance saying this was a "major step forward" for Bert; also slang for unknown outcome.
LEISURE, -WISE - Comfort, relaxation.
LIEUTENANT ORPHEUS - Star of an older show who disappeared into an "Underworld" series and never returned.  Some have suggested there was a conspiracy to get rid of him, and that's why he left so suddenly.
LOCUM - Slang for crazy, also spelled "loco."
"LOOK WHAT I DID TO MY ID, KID" - Line poking humor at the famous line from the film Casablanca which has Humphrie Bogart saying "Here's looking at you, kid."


MAC - Cosmo's Nickname, shortens his last name (McKinley).
MACABRE - Gruesome, horrible.
MAJORS, BRAD - Janet's husband, Farley's twin Brother.  Locked in cage most of film.
MAJORS, JANET - Brad's wife, Farley's desire.  Becomes brainwashed with aid of drugs and emotion manipulation.
MAKE UP ARTIST - Provides make up and application skills for television stars and guests.  Applies Bert's make up with excessive white powder.
MALFORMATION - Irregular or faulty formation or structure.
MARRIAGE MAZE - Television game show which offers to help marriages in trouble.
McKINLEY, COSMO - Doctor and star of Dentonvale.
McKINLEY, NATION - Sister and collegue to Cosmo, and co-star of Dentonvale.
MECCA - A center of activity sought as a goal by people sharing a common interest.
MENTAL INSTABILITY - Emotional collapse, emotionally unstable.
MEXICANS - Type of people that Janet's father does not like.
MICRO-DIGITAL AWAKER - Digital alarm clock.
MONKEYS - Slang for mental patients being secretly used as guinea pigs for experiments.  Refers to test monkeys in labs.


NEUROSIS - A mental and emotional disorder that is less serious than a psychosis, is not characterized by disturbance of the use of language, and is accompanied by various bodily and mental disturbances such as anxieties.
NEURO-SPECIALISTSDoctors who work primarily with mental problems, such as neurosis and psychosis.


"ON SET SNACK" - Often misquoted line that Nation says when she discovers Bert watching Janet shower.  Refers to have some caviar.  (Reference: shooting script).
"ON THE MAP" - Refers to the fact that Denton is not on the map, and is only identified as Denton USA.
OSCAR DRILL AND THE BITS - Name of Oscar's band.


PAR EXCELLENCE - Par means "on a level of."
PARKER, VANCE - Police officer who works 24-hours straight without sleep.
PERCOLATOR - Coffee pot.
PERENNIAL - Regular, year after year.
PICKET FENCE - Wooden fence with pointed plank sections.
PRESTIGIOUS DISTINCTION - High standards in the eyes of others.
PRETENSION - One not supported by fact.
PRIMROSE - Type of rose; a "primrose path" would be a path sided with roses.
PRITT, NEELY - Name of anchorwoman.  She has her own 2-man crew.
PROFUSION - Abundance; a lot of; extravagance.
PSYCHOSIS - A serious mental illness (as schizophrenia) marked by loss of or greatly lessened ability to test whether what one is thinking and feeling about the real world is really true.
PUSSYFOOTING - Hesitating; being cautious


QUACKS - Slang for the uninformed; more commonly, slang for mental patients.


RAMBLIN' ROSE - wild flower in the rose catagory
RAVER - a leader who speak out, representing the people.
REAGAN, RONALD - U.S. President, photograph of which appears on a newspaper Betty throws away in the research lab.
RESEARCH LAB - Betty's office.  Also contains a computer and microfilm.
RESISTOR - A device used to provide resistance to the flow of an electric current in a circuit.
"REST HOME" RICKY - Ansalong's boyfriend.  He's a nurse / intern.  Loves to take polaroid photos, which, coincidentally, is common for nurses to do (take polaroids of patients and their wounds for legal and informative purposes).
RETICENCE - Reluctancy to give out information.
RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, THE - Poem by Coleridge Taylor about doom.  While Oliver can easily quote it, Betty loves to read it.


SANDMAN'S LIMBO - Sandman is a nickname for a mythical character that causes you to dream.  Limbo is a place or state of confinement or uncertainty.
SANITY FOR TODAY - Motto for Farley's new show.
SCHNICK, BERT - Game show host with thick German accent, who pretends to be blind.
SCRUMPTIOUS MINE LEIBELING - "Delicious, my dear one"
SCRUPLES - Principals, morals.
SLEPSTRINI, DANNI - Young man who was found in a homosexual situation in the back of a bakery.  Ran out of town.  Denton folk wish to believe that he went to New York to "better" himself.
SLEPSTRINI, HANK - Danny's father.  Plays golf with Janet's father.
STATELY PLEASURE DOME - A reference to Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who also wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
STRUTHERS, MACY - Anchorwoman romantically linked to Ralph Hapschatt.
SUBURBAN GARAGE SOUND - Type of music, usually unsigned bands, with that rough sound.
"SUN NEVER SETS ON THOSE WHO RIDE INTO IT" - Keep your sites on the future and your past won't haunt you.
SUTURE - Material or stitch for sewing a wound together.


TANGIERS - A city in Mexico.  "...those gimmicks in Tangiers" refers to the gimmicks in a particular place.
TAYLOR, COLERIDGE - Famous poet, who Betty seems to adore much more than others.
TEN OUT OF TEN - Slang for "the best."
TERMINAL WARD - Section of hospital for patients with critical needs.
"THANK GOODNESS HE HASN'T ENDED UP LIKE THAT SLEPSTRINI BOY" - Janet's mother says this, referring to Brad's sexual experiment with Dr. Frank N. Furter in the castle (Rocky Horror).  Danny Slepstrini must have experimented and turned gay, found naked with 15 other men in Wilson's bakery.
THERAPEUTICS - medical term
THIRTY-SECOND QUIZ - Game show which genre is trivia.
TIME MAGAZINE - On a desk in Betty's office.  Features Rocky Horror's famous lips on the cover.
"TOLERANCE FOR THE ETHNIC RACES" - Interesting that this line appears in "Denton USA" to tell people that they accept all types of races, but Harry Weiss has an intolerance for Mexicans.  Also, the town of Denton, as seen through the audience and cast in the film, only features 4 African American people.
TRADE - Slang for sexual trade, prostitution.  Used in Janet's song as a need for passion, more than love, a desire to feel needed -- something Brad hasn't given in a long time and something she finds from her fans.
TREACLE DEEP - Thick consistancy of liquid; molasses.  Particularly used by the British.  Good British cookbooks still have recipes for "treacle tarts."
TREACLE DEEP (VERSE) - Often misquoted lyric in "Lullaby."  The actual lyrics in this section are: "Drift into the treacle deep, slip into its silent depths (go to sleep).  With your everything akimbo, float into the sandman's limbo."  (Reference: shooting script).  Lyrics simply mean to allow yourself to fall asleep and dream.
TROUTMEISTER LIGHT - Brand name of beer featured in "Happy Homes" television show, but Harry Weiss couldn't find in the refridgerator.


UNDERWORLD (SERIES) - Name of television series that was cancelled.  The star was Lieutenant Orpheus who disappeared after the show was cancelled.
UPROARIOUS - Hilarious.


VENA CAVA - The largest two veins in the body.
VISTA - View.
VIVACIOUS - Lively in spirit; sprightly.


WARDROBE (ROOM) - Where the wardrobe mistress, as well as Cosmo, makes costumes and clothing.
WARDROBE MISTRESS - In charge of costumes/clothes.
WEISS, EMILY - Janet's mother, the typical happy homemaker, tries to represent the perfect housewife.
WEISS, HARRY - Janet's father, very manly, and doesn't like Mexicans or homosexuals.
WILSON'S BAKERY - Place where Danny Slepstrini was found naked with other men doing unmentionable things.
WINDOW ON THE WORLD SHOW - Television show which focuses on fashions.  Janet's mom "copied" one design from it, a dress, and gave it to Janet.
WRIGHT, JUDGE OLIVER / OLLIE - Guest of Betty's on the television show "Denton Dossier."  Very smart, quotes poem lines.