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Gary Martin, who played guitar as one of Oscar Drill's "Bits" in the film Shock Treatment has been keeping busy over the years doing voice overs for movies and video games.  He also has done stageshows and recorded records.  Soon, I will be doing an interview with him.  In the meantime, read his most recent email to The Shock Treatment Network...
    P.S.--yes, he did play in the stage version of Rocky Horror...

Hi Donny,
So sorry for not getting back. Life has been pretty hectic over hear, but all good.
Hope all is good with you.
I've been doing a lot of animation work as well as ads and trailers. Infact off to do one
in a moment ( The Queen - Helen Mirren ). Also starting a new major feature film in Oct,
plenty of evil character voices in this one!
I have a new site with only trailers on it. Adding some new ones later this week.
Are there still showings of 'Shock Treatment' in cinemas in the US?
Worked with Richard O'Brien on 'Ali Baba: The Lost Scimitar of Arabia', a straight to
DVD release for BKN ( 4 Sept 06 ).  Great to meet
up with him again! Also worked with Danny Elfman on 'Corpse Bride' last year. What
a talented man he is!
Anyway Donny, better head off now. Hope this info is enough for the moment. Will
give you a call next week or the weekend if that's better for you?
How is the lovely Jessica Harper? Please email any news or updates re the cast.
1981! How the years fly!
All the best

(voice actor)

(playing "Rocky" in stage show of Rocky Horror)

(as 'Bit' guitarist in Shock Treatment)