Harry Weiss

Harry Weiss


Emily Weiss is Janet's father.  Loves to mow the lawn and astroturf.  Loves golf.  Loves everything that makes a man a man.  No sissy's allowed!  Smokes pipes.  Worries about shoe choices.  Needs his wife's help pin clothing decisions.  Hates Mexicans.  Loves to trim and do yard work.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


After things settled down in Denton, he noticed that he was getting bored.  His wife was ignoring him, so he set off into the city to find something to do.  He came across someone he knew, a young man named Danny Slipstrini.  They went to a drinking pub and had a few drinks and went back to Danny's apartment.  The next morning, with some difficulty in walking, Harry went home and told his wife that he was leaving her for someone else.  That he was a changed man.  He realized his mistakes in life, and didn't want her anymore.  Emily Weiss didn't hear him.  Harry and his new lover moved into a quiet little bungalow outside of Denton, near a trailer park.  In 1999, his "partner" in life, got a job as a baker in a New York donut shop for a good amount of money, so the two of them moved there.  No one has heard from them since.
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