(Denton, Ohio - USA)

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1.  Gender: Male
2.  Age: 28
3.  Country, City, State: Dent, Ohio
4.  Are you more of a Rocky Collector including Shock Treatment, or more of a Shock Treatment Collector? RHPS
5.  What Shock Treatment items are you most proud of owning? Trailer on 16, the 2 white albums, and the pictures.
6.  What Shock Treatment items do you have duplicates of? I have numbers next to everything.
7.  What Shock Treatment items are you missing that you desperately are trying to get a hold of? 35 MM !
8.  How long have you been collecting Shock Treatment items? 2 years
9.  What are your other hobbies or interests?
10.  Tell us a little about yourself: I run a rocky horror / ST web site
11.  What links Shock or Rocky related do you like most?: / Rocky Cast.Net
12.  Do you have a website of your own? If so, what is the URL address (link)? / Rocky Cast.Net
13.  Who's your favorite Shock Treatment character? Cosmo
14.  What's your favorite Shock Treatment song? Breakin' out
15.  Which movie do you like better, Shock Treatment or Rocky Horror?  About the same
COLLECTION INFORMATION (Things this person has in their collection)
All 3 VHS Releases
2 - Combo Poster ST and RHPS
All Jessica Harper CD's
All her books
4 sealed ST Albums
2 Unsealed
2 White ST Albums
The Mask
7" single (1981)
The Cassette
1 - Autographed to me, Creatures of the night book
1 - Autographed to me, Creatures of the night II book
1 - Autographed "Sal", Creatures of the night book
1 - Autographed "Sal", Creatures of the night II book
Full Set ST Lobby Cards 8x10
Full Set ST Lobby Cards 8x14
I am the owner of 7 behind the scene pictures from the movie given to me by a anonymous source in Austrailia these had never been seen by anyone other than me and this person until I posted them to the web.
ST trailer on 16mm
2 - The Transylvanian Vol. 1, No. 6
Meph smith posters
4 - Autographed photo's of Richard
1 - Space Scene Photo Richard and Pat Autographed
2 - Autographed - Absolute O’Brien CD
1 - Cosmo (autographed)
1 - Jim (autographed)
1 - Autographed - English release Absolute O’Brien CD
Address & Phone number of Richard O'Brien
Domain Names:,,,,
48 items (as of 12-17-2001), valued at unknown amount