Can you find the "Sanity For Today" badge in the photograph below?  Look carefully!  Try to do it within 2 minutes!
The first 30 people to find it within 2 minutes get a free prize!  Here's the image, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Having trouble?  Need a hint?  Click HERE for a good hint!

Still having trouble finding it?  Give up?  Click HERE for the answer!

If your computer is set up so that it doesn't show images, you might want to try the "text" only version by clicking HERE!

Within a minute:  You've probably done this before and you're cheating to impress your friends.  What a loser!
Within 2 minutes:  Quite a challenge, wasn't it?  Whew!  You can relax now.  Pat yourself on the back!
Longer than 2 minutes:  Helllloooooo-o, it's not that difficult, friend.  Jeez!  What a moron!

Oh, about that prize you can win:
If you can successfully find it within 2 minutes (without cheating), you can print this hidden picture off on your printer at no extra charge!