Each month, we'll take a look at a specific member of the audience, and try to come up with a name and profile for that person.

For example, if the image is of a female, you might want to call her Betty Jo Harrison.  Then you can give a profile of her life.  Be creative.  Be funny.  Be stupid.  Be serious.  Whatever you want.

You might have her profile read: "At 18, she realized that her attraction to men was too difficult to control, so she ended up leaving home and moving to Denton USA, where she found herself on the front page of the newspaper after being caught in a compromising position with the Denton High Football Team in the men's locker room, with a smile on her face and an electric toothbrush in her hand."

Or it can be short.  Like, "She was arrested for prostitution and now sells cosmetics."

Whatever.  Let's see what you can come up with.  Here's this month's audience member...

If you have a name and/or background of history for this woman, email us at

Here's last month's audience member:


""John works at the Denton Donut Shop.  He's the baker and manager.  As a matter of fact, he's the only employee.  He opens at 6 in the morning with hundreds of donuts, but closes shop around 9 when he runs out of donuts surprisingly.  It is no surprise, however, that he leaves the shop every morning with donut jelly stuck to his mustache.  He spends his weekends at Dave's Pleasurama, a strip club with female mud wrestling (this place is located on the shadier side of Denton).  In 1981, when the above picture was taken, he was 37 years old, and still unmarried.  In 1997, he told a hospital nurse that he dreams of playing one of the stars in a movie remake of The Dukes Of Hazzard."

Thanks to a fan who didn't want to be identified for coming up with this guy's name and background.