Irwin Lapsey

Irwin Lapsey


Irwin Lapsey is the owner (president) of a used car lot called Lapsey Autos.  He is a prize donator for Farley's Faith Factory Show.  Tries to be clever with words ("almost brand new" instead of "used") which is typical speaking for a sly used car salesman.  Not really respected.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Irwin lapsey's automobile business did not increase in sales, as he had hoped, after appearing on Farley's show.  In fact, the sales decreased so much, he had to shut his business down.  He moved in 1985 to a small town called Mayberry, where he got a job as a barber.  He has a weekend job at the Bingo hall calling out numbers.  On Tuesdays, he is an auctioneer.  His life is as boring as the clothes he wears.  He started dating an older woman named Martha, whom he married in 1987.  She said their life was hapy until 1998 when Irwin woke up one morning and (going out to get the morning paper) noticed a white convertible in the drive, one that he had last seen in Denton (on Farley's show).  There was a familiar looking man (to Irwin, at least) in the front seat.  The car backed out of the drive and drove away, but, according to Martha, Irwin became nervous.  He became even more nervous when mysterious phone calls rang in the night.  Irwin would never tell her who they were from.  Suddenly, a couple weeks later, Irwin left for work, but never returned home.  The barber shop manager said he never showed up that morning.  Tracing the phone calls through phone records proved to be a dead end road.  He remains missing to this day.
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