Janet Majors

FACTUAL INFORMATION (and the source)

Janet Majors' maiden name is Weiss (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  She met her future husband Brad in science class at Denton High School where she became engaged to him in 1974 (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  In the 1970's she was sweet, innocent and naive (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  In the 1980's she became strong and independant (Shock Treatment).  She became a local television celebrity in 1981 (Shock Treatment).  She became temporarily brainwashed by a sinister man named Farley Flavors before escaping the town of Denton with her husband Brad (Shock Treatment).


Janet and Brad Majors had several years of tormented marriage that ended badly.  They divorced.  Unable to forget the night with Frank N Furter, she joined a religious cult that believed in aliens from outer-space.  She kept this a secret from the few remaining friends that she had.  She moved to New York City to find her missing child (another secret she had kept from Brad for a long time).  She ended up dropping the "T" from her first name and started prostituting herself for cash to survive.  In the late 1990's she called her few friends on the phone to alert them that a spaceship was coming to earth to retrieve her.  That was the last anyone has heard from her since.  She still remains missing today.
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