Jessica Harper

Via Email

    Recently, we emailed Jessica Harper asking for an interview.  While she has a very busy schedule these days, she replied to our email, and asked if we would email the questions and she would answer them.  We came up with several questions and sent it off to her.  A week later, she emailed us back and provided our questions with answers.

Shock Treatment Network:  Hello Jessica, we've informed you about the upcoming Shock Treatment convention in June of 2004.  I hope you'll consider coming and joining.  There are a lot of dedicated fans of both the movie and you!

Jessica Harper:  Hi--I can't promise I can make the convention but....thanks for asking.

Shock Treatment Network:  How did you get involved in Shock Treatment?  Did they specifically ask for you? Or did you hear about it and wanted in?

Jessica Harper:  I auditioned for it, along with a lot of other people.

Shock Treatment Network:  Did you audition for Janet -- or perhaps another role?

Jessica Harper:  I auditioned for Janet

Shock Treatment Network:  When you auditioned, did you know that it was a sequel of sorts to the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Jessica Harper:  Yes.

Shock Treatment Network:  Do you know of anyone who auditioned for any role in the film but didn't make it?

Jessica Harper:  Nope.

Shock Treatment Network:  Did you know any of your castmates before filming it?

Jessica Harper:  I knew Cliff de Young. Oddly, he and I were in 'Hair' on Broadway together.  It was my first job (I was 19).

Shock Treatment Network:  Wendy Raebeck (who portrayed Macy Struthers in the film) said some nice things about you.  What do you remember about her?

Jessica Harper:  she was lovely, very nice...and very professional, talented...

Shock Treatment Network:  She now lives in California and not too far back, she and you were both involved politically, protesting against the noisy airports.  What was that all about?

Jessica Harper:  Actually, I had nothing to do with that protest...

Shock Treatment Network:  Do you still keep in touch with her?  Do you keep in touch with anyone from the film?

Jessica Harper:  Nope

Shock Treatment Network:  Wendy also said that the very FIRST scene filmed for the movie was her comercial scene, with all the children.  What was the first scene that was filmed with you?

Jessica Harper:  Sorry, I can't remember! I recorded all the songs first, that i do remember, and then came down with a nasty cold, luckily after the vocals were safely recorded.

Shock Treatment Network:  ...and what was the last scene filmed?

Jessica Harper:  ?

Shock Treatment Network:  Did you and Cliff DeYoung get along well?  What was he like?

Jessica Harper:  Cliff is an extremely nice man, I enjoyed him tremendously. we used to go out to eat after filming, with richard Obrien or whoever...we had a really nice time...

Shock Treatment Network:  Wendy mentioned a difficult (if not embarrassing) thing about filming the movie.  Can you recall anything interesting to tell?  Like bloopers, blunders, falls, etc...

Jessica Harper:  sorry, don't remember!

Shock Treatment Network:  Did you get to keep anything from the film, like a prop, or costume?

Jessica Harper:  No, I wish I had. I have some t-shirts, and a lot of photos, but I wish I had the hat, or the little black dress!

Shock Treatment Network:  What was the recording of the soundtrack like?  Any details would be helpful.

Jessica Harper:  the recording was fun because the songs were good and really suited my voice. It was a great pleasure singing that score....

Shock Treatment Network:  Richard O'Brien stated that there were at least 5 different drafts of the movie.  I've personally uncovered some of the various drafts, and I've noticed that some of the songs were different, perhaps more verses.  What do you remember of that?

Jessica Harper:  I was only aware of one draft of the script, so all that went on behind my

Shock Treatment Network:  Susan Sarandan portrayed Janet in the prequel.  Did you ever get the chance to meet her?

Jessica Harper:  I did meet her once, at a party, but we didn't get a chance to discuss the RHPS thing.

Shock Treatment Network:  Have you seen the movie in a theater? On video?  What was your initial reaction?

Jessica Harper:  (no response)

Shock Treatment Network:  Do you own the video, or soundtrack?

Jessica Harper:  I own the video and the soundtrack

Shock Treatment Network:  Have you ever encountered Shock Treatment fans before now?

Jessica Harper:  Yes, some of them showed up at my house once, which was a little scary to tell you the truth--for all I knew they could've been psycho killers!

Shock Treatment Network:  How did you end up in Minority Report?

Jessica Harper:  the usual way--my agent sent my video reel to the casting director and Steven remembered me from various things and liked my work, the rest is history.

Shock Treatment Network:  Which of your movies was the most fun experience?

Jessica Harper:  that's a tough one....they were all fun in their way, well, some not so fun, but shock Treatment was definitely a fun shoot.

Shock Treatment Network:  For the longest time, the internet movie database listed you in the credits for the movie "Me, Myself & Irene."  Were you really in it?

Jessica Harper:  I was supposed to be in it, but I had scheduling problems. (My daughter was appearing in a play and I'd have missed her performance--I have my priorities.)

Shock Treatment Network:  You've been in several movies with many major stars.  Which actor was the most enjoyable to work with?

Jessica Harper:  Hard to say. I loved working with Peter O'Toole because he was so fascinating and a perfect gentleman. Steve Martin was wonderful, as well...Bob Hoskins, Richard Dreyfuss, Al Pacino, all great....

Shock Treatment Network:  You're an actress, singer and writer.  Was/Is there any other career goals?

Jessica Harper:  I'm sure I'll come up with something else before long....

Shock Treatment Network:  What's in the future for Jessica Harper?  A new book, CD or movie?

Jessica Harper:  I have 3 new books (for children) coming out next spring and another one the following year. I'm working on songs for a new cd.....

    Visit Jessica Harper's website at and order some of her products.  Her email is there, too, but PLEASE...let's not overwhelm her!  Imagine how she felt when fans went to her home!  A polite fan letter is fine, and don't forget to tell her that you hope to see her at the Shock Treatment convention in 2004!