(Janet Majors)

Jessica Harper as Janet Majors


Jessica Harper was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 10, 1949.  She is 5' 4" in height.  She has two children, Elizabeth and Nora.  Besides acting, she helps out in films as a music consultant.  Jessica Harper is also an accomplished vocalist for children's music. Her album "Nora's Room" won several awards, and her other works in the genre have received critical acclaim. She has recorded a total of four CDs, all children's songs, and has a book due out later this year.  She has lent her vocals to 2 soundtracks, "Shock Treatment" and "Phantom of the Paradise."  Next year, she'll appear in a new film called Me, Myself and Irene.

ACTRESS FILMOGRAPHY (click on select titles for images)

Me, Myself and Irene (2000)
On the Edge of Innocence (1997) (TV)
Boys (1996) .... Mrs. John Baker
Safe (1995) .... Joyce
Mr. Wonderful (1993) .... Funny Face
Big Man on Campus (1989) .... Dr. Fisk
    ... aka Hunchback Hairball of L.A., The (1989) (UK)
Blue Iguana, The (1988) .... Cora
"It's Garry Shandling's Show" (1986) TV Series .... Phoebe
Imagemaker, The (1986) .... Cynthia
Once Again (1986)
Dario Argento's World of Horror (1985) .... Herself/Suzy Banyon
When Dreams Come True (1985) (TV) .... Annie
My Favorite Year (1982) .... K. C. Downing
Pennies from Heaven (1981) .... Joan
Shock Treatment (1981) .... Janet Majors
Stardust Memories (1980) .... Daisy
"Studs Lonigan" (1979) (mini) TV Series .... Loretta Lonigan
"Little Women" (1979) TV Series .... Jo March
Evictors, The (1979) .... Ruth Watkins
"Aspen" (1977) (mini) TV Series .... Kit Kendrick
      ... aka "Innocent and the Damned, The" (1979) (mini) (USA: rerun title)
Suspiria (1977) .... Suzy Bannion
      ... aka Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) (promotional title)
Love and Death (1975) .... Natasha Petrovna
Inserts (1975) .... Cathy Cake
Phantom of the Paradise (1974) .... Phoenix
      ... aka Phantom (1974)
      ... aka Phantom of the Fillmore (1974)


Inserts (1975) (music consultant)


"Ally McBeal" (1997) playing "Sister Helen" in episode: "World's Without Love" (episode # 2.6) 11/2/1998
"Chicago Hope" (1994) playing "Phyllis Church" in episode: "Missed Conception (1)" (episode # 3.16) 2/10/1997
"Wiseguy" (1987) in episode: "Stairway to Heaven" 1988
"Moonlighting" (1985) in episode: "All Creatures Great... and Not So Great" (episode # 3.5) 11/11/1986
"Hawaii Five-O" (1968) playing "Sonny Mandel" in episode: "See How She Runs" (episode # 9.213) 3/31/1977