KIRK (Coffee Seller)

Kirk (Coffee Seller)


Works at Kirk's Koffee stand in the Denton Television Studio.  One must wonder if he lives there, too, as he is always seen there, day and night, wearing the same clothes.  One must also wonder how he makes money because he never charges anyone for cups of coffee.  Has that white-trash, red-neck appearance.  His closest friend is officer Vance Parker, as Vance is always seen at or near the coffee stand.  He has a strong attraction to Janet Majors.  Loves to be the bearer of bad news (i.e. "You're off the air, Betty")  (Source: Shock Treatment)


When the new owners of the Denton Studio took over, Kirk lost his job.  He moved back to the outskirts of Denton, back into his trailer home, where he discovered that his wife and 2 children had moved away since he had forgotten about them.  He went back to working at the gas station (the job he had prior to Kirk's Koffee stand) but never seemed happy.  One night, in 1998, he recieved a mysterious phone call.  The caller, a voice he recognized instantly, was willing to pay for Kirk's plane tickets if he would be willing to move to New York City.  Kirk said yes, and nobody has heard from him since.  It is assumed he now lives in New York, although there have been no reported sightings of him there.
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