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Email sent from Joseph A. Small (joesmall@localnet.com)

Being a fan of Shock Treatment,Rocky Horror,and Phantom Of The Paradise.I really loved the DVD spoof you did on ST.  I really wish that 20th Century Fox would release the film on DVD in the widescreen format. Thank you for keeping the movie alive.
                                                Joseph Small

Excerpts from an email sent by Alvin Polk (alpolk@sbcglobal.net)

Hey! Thanks for the Shock Treatment site.  I was needing to transcribe some of the lyrics earlier today.  Lo and behold, there they were.

Useful stuff you've got there, too.  It always amused friends and me that Frank's throne had been repainted red and used on the Shock Treatment set.  I read in your notes there was a budget crunch.

I'll sure point the die-hard geeks to your site; one of them even has a vinyl album of the Shock Treatment soundtrack he found in Memphis.  In my head, Little Black Dress will always have a skip toward the end.

Again, thanks.  You've brought me sanity for today.


Excerpts from two emails, sent by Wendy Raebeck, who plays Macy Struthers in the movie Shock Treatment:

Hello Donny,
    Interesting hearing from you.  And I checked out your S.T. site and had a good time there.

    I think it's really fun that you've developed the site and plan to do more regarding Shock Treatment.

Excerpts from an email, sent by Ruth Fink-Winter (wbarsell@wwa.com)

Dear Donny,
    Oh, you'll want to tell the official ST Fan Club, too, of course...
    As usual, I love the composite Rocky/Shocky art.
    The setup is very cute.  I like it.
    This certainly is a detailed and ambitious project.
    Different Types of RH Fans:  Oooh, this is funny!
    Awwww...I didn't expect to be in the "Thanks" section.  Donny, you deserve encouragement!  Rocky Horror and Shocky have very few dedicated, talented fan authors.  How many people write more than one piece of fiction?  Not that many.  And you've done an awful lot of work for Rocky Horror/Shocky over the years.
    This is very well written.  I feel like I know you a lot better now.  And I'm impressed!  (You wouldn't be interested in writing up a fan bio for Crazed, would you?  --sorry, it's the editor in me!)
    You're a 'creator.'  (and are you ever...you have more stuff on this site now than most people ever do, much less than people have when they open a site...)
    This should be a very successful web page; just keep plugging away at it.  Of course, the fact that you taught yourself HTML just so you could put up a page is most impressive.
    Now, don't forget to let me know when you post "Frankie Comes Again"!  I have been waiting for years! :-)
            Best wishes,

Excerpts from an email, sent by Bill Brennon (bertschnik@aol.com)
    I havent had a chance to check out all of your site, but from what I saw its really good! I had to drop off a big fat "Hoopla!" to you.  I have a question: is there a section devoted to the fans who perform the show?
    Let me know? See ya!
    Bill Brennan

theshocktreatmentnetwork Responds:  Thanks Bert, the project is already underway.  Look for a fan section soon....

Excerpts from an email, sent by Dori Hartley (email address not provided here).  Her email is in response to my fan fiction sequel to Rocky Horror called Frankie Comes Again.
I just want to say thank you for thinking of me when you used my name as the inspiration for your Queen Andoria. I have no idea of how long ago you posted this but I was very moved and I thank you again.
 Dori Hartley