Here are some of my favorites.  If you have a link devoted to Shock Treatment, I may not be aware of it, so email me!  Also, if you have a banner you would like on this page for your site, send it to me.  Make sure the height of the banner is no taller than 100 pixels, and the length should be no longer than 500 pixels.  (Of course, you can send me a banner larger than that, but in such a case, I, myself, would shrink it down to fit those dimensions).  So please email me at

    Of course, this is the banner for The Shock Treatment Network, as well as it's link.

Where you can find plenty of merchandise for sale for Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment alike!

The now famous large Rocky Horror website.  Has had plenty of hits, and has put a lot of work into it.

The Official Shock Treatment Fan Club page.  Following in the footsteps of Sal Piro's Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club page, this site is dedicated to the fans of this great film.
UPDATE: The link is not active.  Anyone with updated info would be helpful.

Authur Levesque's Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment Page
This is one creative person!  He makes fantastic animations and his site contains tons of enjoyable reading material, such as song parodies!

"Crazed Imaginations" is a fanzine for Rocky Fans BY Rocky Fans!  A fantastic magazine with great fan fiction and the latest RH info (and occasionally ST, too!)

Includes a weekly Rocky and Shocky quiz!!!!
Jubilee's Rocky Shock was previously known as Jubilee's Rocky Shocky Joint.  She is also a great Little Nell Campbell fan! Check out her site!

This site, titled "You Need A Bit Of ... Ooo Shock Treatment," has a similar setup as mine - although I'm not sure which of us thought of the TV guide layout first.  I didn't even know about this site until today, January 2, 2000, months after my site was created.

This is a RH/ST collector's site page... -
Midnite Madness of Shock-ogle -- I mean CHICAGO (pun intended, I couldn't resist!) is the home of the Ultimate List.  Check out their entire site!


RH Fan Club's Shock Treatment Page -

Nell's Night Club - official site for her club -
UPDATE: Nell's closed its doors permanantly June of 2004

Comments on The Old Queen script -

Zenin's RHPS Archive -
One of the original RH sites.  If *not* the first!  Must be checked out!

Magenta 24's Sanity For Today -

Brad and Janet Are In Trouble Again -

Order the CD soundtrack
(Of course, you can also find the soundtrack on, etc......oh yeah, ever heard of ebay?)
Ruth Fink-Winter's Rocky Horror site.  Doesn't feature any Shock Treatment specifically, but she is a great supporter of The Shock Treatment Network, and respectfully deserves a spot under the links section.  Pretty cool site actually.  You should give it a try.

DTV badges, etc... -
(**NOTE: go to this link and find the section "BINARY FILES" and you will see the badge information you need...)

This awesome song parodist recently knocked Weird Al out of the number one spot on the Dr. Demento funny 25 for 2003.  Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, he loves Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment alike, and has even wrote two parodies about the two films.

For Richard O'Brien's CD - this takes you through a number of URLs until you finally get there.  To make it easier.... for the Time Warp 2K CD single and for Richard O'Brien's Absolute O'Brien full CD! (for a new free site for Rocky Horror) ...OR... for its Shock Treatment section

For more LINKS, click HERE !  You won't be disappointed!

(OKAY, fine!  I'll tell you.  These are links to actors websites / fansites!)


And finally, here are some links that I really like that are NOT related to Shock Treatment.  Give 'em a try!

The creater, Badbird (who wrote the Shock Treatment VS Rocky Horror), put together a site devoted to his favorite film, The Secret Of NIMH, incorporating The Matrix into his site's "original" title, NIMHTRIX  (He LOVES The Matrix).  Now it is known simply as MAXIMUM NIMH.  It's a fun fan site for those who love The Secret Of NIMH.