Macy Struthers


Anchorwoman for the Denton Television Studio (co-anchoring with Ralph Hapschatt)  She apparently has a romantic interest in Ralph.  Personality: very fake.  A Poser.  Loves the spotlight.  Can be mean and vendictive.  Brown-noses all the necessary people.  (Source: Shock Treatment)


Macy slept with her new boss, Farley, to get a promotion to a higher (hopefully highest) position.  The only position she ended up with was missionary.  When the next bimbo came along, she was tossed to the curb, and even Ralph didn't want her back.  Wanting to land herself a rich man, she set her sights on Wall Street, and moved to New York.  To make ends meet, she acted in porn films (If you wanna call it acting...  Her most famous spoken line from a porn film was "Wow, I've never seen one so hairy").  Once Judge Oliver Wright mailed a letter to her saying, "I've seen all your movies and you're great!  I'd like to take you to dinner sometime, that is, if you don't mind being seen with an older man."  She never married a rich man.  She spends most of her evenings doped up.
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