Okay, if you're not familiar with mad-libs, here's how it works.  Below you'll find a paragraph of text.  However, some words are missing (nouns, adjectives, etc), replaced by blanks and number references.  But before you read the paragraph, there's a list of your own words you need to come up with (each identified by a number).  Then when your list is complete, read the paragraph for the first time, filling in the blanks with the words you came up with.  Sometimes the results are very strange.

It's best to print out this blank form and take it from there, but otherwise, you can write your "list" on a piece of paper.  Ready?  Good.  Let's start.

1 - Body Part: _______________________________
2 - Another Body Part: ________________________
3 - Bodily Fluid: _____________________________
4 - Yet Another Body Part: _____________________
5 - Human Activity / Action: ____________________
6 - Insultive word: ___________________________
7 - Another Human Activity / Action: ________ (-ing)
8 - Another Human Activity / Action: _____________
9 - Sexual Activity: __________________________
10 - Yet Another Human Activity / Action: _____ (-ing)
11 - Another Sexual Activity: ____________________
12 - Human Activity / Action: ______________ (-ing)

THE ORIGINAL PARAGRAPH (before alteration):
I feel the heat from your skin and the stubble on your chin - you're no good
You've got dirt on your hands and everybody understands - you're no good
Oh what a joke, you feel like choking - you play for broke, he leaves you smoking
Oh romance is not a children's game - but you keep going back, it's driving you insane.

I feel the heat from your           1           and the stubble on your           2           - you're no good
You've got           3           on your           4           and everybody           5           - you're no good
Oh what a(n)           6           , you feel like           7           - you           8           for           9           , he leaves you           10
Oh           11           is not a children's game - but you keep           12           , it's driving you insane.