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1.  Gender: Male.
2.  Age: 39 (as of June 11, 2002).
3.  Country, City, State: Scotland, Glasgow, Renfrewshire.
4.  Are you more of a Rocky Collector including Shock Treatment, or more of a Shock Treatment Collector? Rocky collector with a Shocky collection.
5.  What Shock Treatment items are you most proud of owning? Manning Redwood's Sanity For Today Jacket.
6.  What Shock Treatment items do you have duplicates of? None.
7.  What Shock Treatment items are you missing that you desperately are trying to get a hold of? The DVD!!!
8.  How long have you been collecting Shock Treatment items? Since 1986-ish.
10.  Tell us a little about yourself. See my entry in Dr.Scotts' Extra Forks Biogs Section URL:
11.  What links Shock or Rocky related do you like most? I do not understand the question.
12.  Do you have a website of your own? If so, what is the URL address (link)?
13.  Who's your favorite Shock Treatment character? Janet or Judge Oliver Wright.
14.  What's your favorite Shock Treatment song? "Looking For Trade" or "Little Black Dress".
15.  Which movie do you like better, Shock Treatment or Rocky Horror? Rocky (Sorry) But "When
 the mood takes me.." you just cant beat a little "Shock Treatment"!

COLLECTION INFORMATION (Things this person has in their collection)

1.-6.  Autographs from O'Brien/Quinn/Humphries/Wax/Bedden/Piro
7.  Soundtrack LP (autographed)
8.  Pal VHS Video (autographed)
9.  The original costume worn by Manning Redwood in the Sanity For Today sequence of the movie, (I got it at "The Denton Conventon" in 1986 for £25!!!)
10.  Pal Beta
11.  Press Sheet
12.  Film Poster
13.  Starburst Magazine
14.  Creatures of the night book
15.  Creatures of the night II book
16.  Transexual Glamour CD
17.  songs from the vaults CD
18.  Absolute O'Brien CD
19.  TW2K single
20.  Mephestophelese Smith CD
21.  The Phantom Of the Paradise CD
22.  The Phantom Of the Paradise book
23.  7" Single
24.  Lobby cards
25.  Jessica Harper CD "Rhythm In My Shoes"
26.  Songs From The Vault, CD (w/ RHPS box set)
27.  Sinitta Renet single "So Macho" 12"
28.  Richard O'Brien "Ghosts On Tape"
29.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage Musical Programme Signed By Richard O'Brien
30.  "Jubilee" - Starring Richard O'Brien
31.  "Dark City" - Starring Richard O'Brien
32.  "Women In The BackGround" By Barry Humphries
33.  Autographed Programme from Dame Ednas World Tour of the UK
34.  "Les Patterson Has A Standup" - Barry Humphries
35.  "Les Patterson Saves The World" - Barry Humphries


35 items (as of 06-11-02), no value established.