Happy New Year!

And what better way to start it than announcing...

Mahleah Ramey

Is This Month's

Miss Mental Health!

(January / February 2007)

Last month, The Shock Treatment Network had a first.  For the first time in its history, we had a father / daughter team as our Mental Health winner.  Well, our new year is starting out the same way with yet another first.  Our first time we've had a personal recommendation from someone who believes this person (their friend) deserves it.  (Previously, winners had submitted themselves, and the STN would determine if they were the winner.  --OR--  From time to time, the STN selected someone who hadn't submitted a request.)

On November 11, 2006, the STN received an email from Mahleah's friend, Caitlynne Therrien, who wanted to surprise Mahleah with a nomination for MMH.  Here's part of the email that intrigued the Shock Treatment Network...

(I'd like to) nominate my best friend Mahleah Ramey to be the next Miss Mental Health. Mahleah's the biggest fan of Shocky that I know, she even saw it before she had even heard of Rocky, years and years ago! Shes also a HUGE fan of Richard O'Brien and Rocky. Seriously, if anyone deserves this award, she does. I'm doing this as a surprise for her because shes the best friend a girl could have, and shes too shy and modest to nominate herself :)

inclosed is a pic of her, and let me know if you need anymore information about her!

~Caitlynne Therrien~

This was exciting, so the STN emailed Mahleah personally telling her of her friend's recommendation.  Needless to say, she was surprised and very flattered.  I think that the thing that me, Donny of the Shock Treatment Network, more happy with not just Mahleah's love of Rocky and Shocky, but the bond of these two girls.  The love that these two friends share is evident throughout the various emails sent to me.  So I'd like to tell all of you viewers (suddenly I hear Bert Schnick's voice!) that I am very proud to have Mahleah as the first Mental Health winner of 2007!  Thank you Mahleah!  And thank you Caitlynne!  And now, based on emails, here's a brief bio of this month's Miss Mental Health! (from Mahleah's email)
Most people are introduced to Rocky Horror at a fun young age, and then, later, at a double feature or a friend's suggestion, they come upon Shock Treatment. Or at least that's how it seems to go. It happened to me the other way around. I was in 4th grade, so I suppose that made me about....9, maybe 10 years old. Now, contrary to what the Rocky Horror Fan club website says, Shock Treatment was indeed aired on television at that time. I remember sitting in my living room and just coming upon this strange movie, which made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. All I knew was that it was the most awesome thing I had ever seen! Everyday I'd go back to the television menu and, right after Pokémon (ah, I miss being a little kid), I'd scroll through and look for Shock Treatment. Come to think of it, they played Shock Treatment several times....always right after Godspell....but I digress.

Fast-forward to late in my 6th grade year, I was flipping through the channels and, on VH1, was dear ol' Rocky Horror. This would be my first time ever seeing it, or at least, the first time I can definitely remember. My mother had said from the other room, "Mahleah, what're you watching?" And, utterly confused by this movie as well, I answered, "Uh, I'm not sure...it says, 'Rocky Horror'" And then came a sharp, "Mahleah, I don't want you watching that crap!" (Ironically, nowadays she loves Rocky and has even gone to the theaters with me.)

Well, being so young at the time, when I saw Rocky Horror, I had already forgotten that Shock Treatment even existed, and I made no connection between the two.

And then, only a few months ago, May, I think, I joined the myspace Rocky Horror Community. Someone eventually posted a topic about Shock Treatment. Of course it was the usual "Shock Treatment sucks" type of thing, but nonetheless, all of my memories of Shock Treatment came rushing back. I immediately did an image search on google.com, then onto YouTube, and gradually I remembered the songs and how great it was!

I scoured amazon.com to see if maybe my beloved film had ever made it to DVD (obviously, this being pre-September, I was sorely disappointed). I switched my search to VHS and found a copy of Shock Treatment, listed as very good condition and having been a previous rental. Happy day! Only $0.85! I jumped on that offer and in 3 days I was watching Shock Treatment and dancing around my coffee table!

Lately, my family watches Rocky Horror AND Shock Treatment (on the new DVD), whether they like it or not, and even though Frank and Cosmo make my little brother rather uncomfortable, he loves it too (Got'ta corrupt them early!).

In short, I'm just so happy that I've been able to see this movie and plain have a good time watching it and making a fool of myself singing along with "Bitchin' In the Kitchen", getting a few stares from concerned family members here and there.

Finally, I have to include some thanks:

My very best friend Caitlynne brought me back into the ST community again, sending me pictures, music, introducing me to the STNetwork and Cosmo's Factory, and nominating me for this recognition.

Richard O’Brien for having the mind to create Rocky and Shocky!

And of course, the STNetwork for being all around awesome and becoming my #1 source on everything Shock Treatment!

Thank you for letting me be your Miss Mental Health!