Mr. Mental Health - January 2002

Jeff Mace

    Jeff Mace, who's nickname is Frank-n-flirter to many, has been involved in Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment since 1990.  That's 12 years and many more to come.  He spent a great deal of his time in St. Joseph, Missouri (USA).  In 1990 he tasted his first experience of Rocky Horror and left it wanting more.  And that was just the start.  He started collecting Rocky Horror items, Shock Treatment items, and related items.  His collection is getting out of control!
    He moved to Kansas City, MO over 5 years ago (as of this month, January 2002) and has actively been involved in Kansas City's Rocky Horror / Shock Treatment fan club.  He has offered his talents as as artist (he's an art teacher at a school) when there have been Rocky or Shock functions.  He was a tremendous help in coming up with lines in the Kansas City Shock Treatment Audience Participation script.
    When Kansas City played Shock Treatment for 9 consecutive weekends, Jeff supported it entire.  He attended every Shock Treatment meeting held prior to the first showing to make sure everyone knew how they were to help and he taught people many funny lines.
    His greatest Shock Treatment item is the Quad poster, which is a rarity, seldom seen on eBay.  Currently, his focus is on The Rocky Horror Show (stage), collecting merchandise and devoting time to his Rocky Horror Show website called "Play It Again Rocky".
    On Thursday night, he hosts and DJs (KJ's?) a karaoke night at a coffee shop (see picture above).  He has often encouraged people to sing Rocky Horror songs.
    The Shock Treatment Network is proud to have such a devoted fan.  Congratulations Jeff for being our FIRST Mr. Mental Health!

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